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Search for coral reef related articles, reports and other publications. This library includes the publications from International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) Proceedings, Coral Reefs Status Report, Reef Fisheries Portal and International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium (ITMEMS) Symposium Papers. Please specify your search criteria, and indicate how many results are to be displayed.

If you are aware of any relevant publications related to coral reefs, and would like to add these to our online library, you can use this
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Latest 5 Additions

1. Al-Sofyani A.A., Marimuthu N, Wilson, JJ, 2013
Tunicate bloom in the Obhur creek of Jeddah coast, Red Sea
Current Science. 104(10): 1274-1275

2. Rebecca Weeks, Porfirio M. Aliño, Scott Atkinson, Pacifico Beldia II, Augustine Binson, Wilfredo L. Campos, Rili Djohani, Alison L. Green, Richard Hamilton, Vera Horigue, Robecca Jumin, Kay Kalim, Ahsanal Kasasiah, Jimmy Kereseka, Carissa Klein, Lynette Laroya, Sikula Magupin, Barbara Masike, Candice Mohan, Rui Miguel Da Silva Pinto, Agnetha Vave-Karamui, Cesar Villanoy, Marthen Welly & Alan T. White , 2014
Developing Marine Protected Area Networks in the Coral Triangle: Good Practices for Expanding the Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System
Coastal Management.Volume 42, Issue 2:

3. Annabelle Cruz-Trinidad, Porfirio M. Aliño, Rollan C. Geronimo & Reniel B. Cabral, 2014
Linking Food Security with Coral Reefs and Fisheries in the Coral Triangle
Coastal Management. Volume 42, Issue 2: 160-182

4. Alison L. Green, Leanne Fernandes, Glenn Almany, Rene Abesamis, Elizabeth McLeod, Porfirio M. Aliño, Alan T. White, Rod Salm, John Tanzer & Robert L. Pressey, 2014
Designing Marine Reserves for Fisheries Management, Biodiversity Conservation, and Climate Change Adaptation
Coastal Management. Volume 42, Issue 2:143-159

5. Annick Cros, Ruben Venegas-Lib, Shwu Jiau Teoh, Nate Peterson, Wen Wen & Nurulhuda Ahmad Fatan, 2014
Spatial Data Quality Control for the Coral Triangle Atlas
Coastal Management, Volume 42, Issue 2: 128-142

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