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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 63 records

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1. Salvadori, C., 1985
Zanzibar: what is left of its wildlife?

2. Salvadori, C., 1985
Zanzibar: What is left of its wildlife?
Swara 8(5):11-13.

3. Karrer, C. and A. Post, 1990
p. 631-633. In J.C. Quero, J.C. Hureau, C. Karrer, A. Post and L. Saldanha (eds.) Check-list of the fishes of the eastern tropical Atlantic (CLOFETA). JNICT, Lisbon, SEI, Paris, and UNESCO, Paris. Vol. 2.

4. Muirhead, A. and J.S. Ryland, 1981
Zoanthidea of south and west Viti Levu. (Abstract) Future Trends in Reef Research
Ann. meeting of International Society for Reef Studies.

5. Anon.,
Zona de Utria (account of reefs in Utria region)

6. Meyers, G. & Donguy, J.R., 1983
Zonal topography of the equatorial thermocline during El Nino, 1982.
Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Newsletter, No. 21, pp.8-9

7. Suzuki, R. and H. Kan, 2004
Zonal trend of reef topography and bioerosion process by sea urchins in a fringing reef, Ishigaki Island, the Ryukyus, Japan.
Trans Japan Geomorph Union, 25 (2): pp 115-137 (in Japanese)

8. Luther, D.S., Hanish, D.E. & Knox, R.A., 1983
Zonal winds in the central equatorial Pacific and EL Nino.
Science 222:327-330

9. Moll, H., 1983
Zonation and Diversity of Scelaractinia on Reefs off S.W. Sulawesi Indonesia.
Unpubl. PhD. Thesis, Leiden Univ.

10. Moll, H., 1983
Zonation and diversity of Scleractinia on reefs of S.W. Sulawesi, Indonesia.
University of Leiden, Netherlands. 106 p., Ph.D. dissertation.

11. Márquez, L.M., F.J. Losada and M. Rodriguez, 1997
Zonation and structure of a gorgonian community in Venezuela,
p. 447-450. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

12. Bonem, R.M. and G.D. Stanley, 1977
Zonation of a lagoonal patch reef: analysis, comparison and implications for fossil biohermal assemblages,
p. 175-181. In: D.L. Taylor (ed.) Proceedings of Third International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2: Geology. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Miami, Florida.

13. Adjeroud, M., 2006
Zonation of coral assemblages in the Ryukyu Islands (southern Japan): the importance of land-ocean gradients and reef habitats
Proceedings of 10th International Coral Reef Symposium, Okinawa, Japan. June 28-July 2, 2004. 310-318 pp

14. Ditlev, H., 1978
Zonation of corals (Coelenterata: Scleractinia) on intertidal reef flats at Ko Phuket, Eastern Indian Ocean
Mar. Biol. 47:29-39.

15. Odum, E. P and H.T. Odum, 1957
Zonation of corals on Japtan Reef, Eniwetok Atoll
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (52): 6 pp

16. Adjeroud, M., 2000
Zonation of macrobenthic communities along two bays in an insular coral reef ecosystem (Moorea, French Polynesia).
C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Sciences de la vie / Life Sciences 323: 305–313

17. Dollar, S.J., 1975
Zonation of reef corals off the Kona Coast of Hawaii
Department of Oceanography, University of Hawaii, M.S. Thesis.

18. Dufalla, A.G. and A.G.A. Karim, 1980
Zonation of seaweeds along a stretch on the Red Sea coast of Sudan
In: The Coastal and Marine Environment of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and tropical West Indian Ocean. Proc. Symp. Coastal and Marine Environment of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Tropical Western Indian Ocean, Khartoum.

19. Pressick, M.L., 1970
Zonation of stony coral of a fringe reef south-east of Icacos Island, Puerto Rico.
Caribbean J. Sci. 10:137-139.

20. Mesolella, K.J., 1967
Zonation of uplifted Pleistocene coral reefs of Barbados, West Indies.
Science 156:638-640.

21. Tsuda, R.T., 1977
Zonational patterns of the Phaeophyta (brown algae) on Guam's fringing reefs.
p. 371-375. In: D.L. Taylor (ed.) Proceedings of Third International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1: Biology. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Miami, Florida.

22. de Silva, M.W.R.N. and R. Abdul Rahman, 1983
Zoned Marine Parks for Recreation
Proceedings National Seminar on Forests, National Parks and City Parks for Recreation. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang

23. Roman, G., 2004
Zoning as a tool to manage tourism in protected areas: A case study of Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park, Thailand
University of Victoria

24. Day, J.C., 2002
Zoning- Lessons from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Ocean & Coastal Management 45: 139–156pp

25. Villa, F., L. Tunesi and T. Agardy, 2002
Zoning marine protected areas through spatial multiple- criteria analysis: The case of the Asinara National Marine REserve of Italy
Conservation Biology 16 (2): 515-526pp

26. Salm, R.V. and G.F. Usher, 1984
Zoning plan for Bunaken Islands Marine Park
IUCN/WWF Report No. 1, Project 3108. Marine Conservation. IUCN/WWF Conservation for Development Programme, Bogor. 13 pp., illustr.

27. Cervino, J.M., R. Hayes, T.J. Goreal and G.W. Smith, 2004
Zooanthellae regulation in Yellow Blotch/Band and other coral diseases contrasted with temperature related cleaching: In situ destruction vs explusion
Symbiosis Vol.37:63-85, 2004

28. Randall, J.E., 1995
Zoogeographic analysis of the inshore Hawaiian fish fauna.
In: ‘Marine and Coastal Biodiversity in the Tropical Island Pacific Region. Volume 1: Species Systematics and Information Management Priorities’, J. Maragos, M. Peterson, L. Eldredge, J. Bardach, & H. Takeuchi, eds., East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. Pp. 193-203.

29. Acero, A.P., 1985
Zoogeographical implications of the distribution of selected families of Caribbean coral reef fishes.
p. 433-438. In: M. Harmelin Vivien and B. Salvat (assoc. eds.). Proceedings of The Fifth International Coral Reef Congress. Tahiti, 27 May -1 June 1985. Vol. 5: Miscellaneous Paper (A).

30. Devaney, D.M., 1973
Zoogeography and faunal composition of South-eastern Polynesian asterozoan echinoderms.
In: R. Fraser (Compiler) Oceanography of the South Pacific, 1972 N.Z. National Commission for Unesco, Wellington, New Zealand

31. Hechtel, G., 1976
Zoogeography of Brazilian marine Demospongiae,
p. 237-260. In: F.W. Harrisson and R. Cowden (eds) Aspects of Sponge Biology.

32. Randall, J. E., 1998
Zoogeography of shore fishes of Indo-Pacific Region.
Zoological Studies 37 (4): 227-268

33. Kemp, J.M., 1998
Zoogeography of the coral reef fishes of the Socotra archipelago.
Journal of Biogeography 25 (5), 919-933.

34. Samyn, Y. and I. Tallon, 2005
Zoogeography of the shallow-water holothuroids of the western Indian Ocean.
Journal of Biogeography 32 (9), 1523-1538.

35. Robertson, D.R. and G.R. Allen, 1996
Zoogeography of the shorefish fauna of Clipperton Atoll.
Coral Reefs 15(2):121-131.

36. Montgomery, W.L., 1990
Zoogeography, behaviour and ecology of coral-reef fishes,
p.329-364. In: Z. Dubinsky (ed) Ecosystems of the World, 25. Coral Reefs. Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Inc. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 550 p.

37. Dana, J.D., 1846
U.S. Exploring Expedition 1838-1842. 7:1-740

38. Renon, J.P., 1977
Zooplancton du lagon de l'atoll de Takapoto (Polynésie française).
Ann. Inst. Océanogr.

39. Holzman, R. and A. Genin, 2003
Zooplanktivory by a nocturnal coral-reef fish: Effects of light, flow, and prey density
Limnol. Oceanogr., 48(4), 1367–1375

40. Roman, M.R., Furnas, M.J., & Mullin, M.M., 1990
Zooplankton abundance and grazing at Davies Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Mar. Biol. 105:73-82

41. Tranter, D.J. and J. George, 1972
Zooplankton abundance at Kavaratti and Kalpeni Atolls in the Laccadives,
p. 238-256. In: C. Mukundan and C.S. Gopindha Pillai (eds.) Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Corals and Coral Reefs, Marine Biological Association of India, Mandapam Camp, India.

42. Johnson, M.W., 1949
Zooplankton as an index of water exchange between Bikini lagoon and the open sea.
Trans. Am. Geophys. Union 30:238-244

43. Porter, J.W., 1974
Zooplankton feeding by the Caribbean reef-building coral {Montastrea} {annularis}.
Proc. 2nd Int. Coral Reef Symp. 1:111-126

44. Porter, J.W., 1974
Zooplankton feeding by the Caribbean reef-building coral Montastrea cavernosa.
pp. 111-126. Cameron, A.M., B.M. Cambell, A.B. Cribb, R.Endean, J.S. Jell, O.A. Jones, P. Mather and F.H. Talbot (eds.). Proceedings of the Second International Coral Reef Symposium. Vol. 1. The Great Barrier Reef Committee, Brisbane, Australia.

45. Turner, J.T., Tester, P.A. & Hettler, W.F., 1985
Zooplankton feeding ecology.
Marine Biology 90:1-8

46. McManus, L.T., R.R. Pabiling, J.R. Molina and M.C.G. Rañola, 1994
Zooplankton production in a northern Philippine reef: An assessment of the contribution of holoplankton demersal plankton and Oithonid swarms,
p. 121. In: S. Sudara, C.R. Wilkinson and L.M. Chou (eds) Proceedings Third ASEAN-Australia Symposium on Living Coastal Resources. Bangkok, Thailand 2, 720 p. (Abstract)

47. Hamner, W.M., M.S. Jones, J.H. Carleton, I.R. Hauri and D. McB. Williams, 1988
Zooplankton, planktivorous fish and water currents on a windward reef face: Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 42(3):459-479.

48. García-Sais, J.R., E. Ojeda and A. González, 1995
Zooplankton/ichthyoplankton communities of Guayanilla and Tallaboa Bays: Taxonomic structure and spatial/temporal patterns.
Report submitted to Gramatges and Associates. EcoEléctrica Power Plant Studies. San Juan, Puerto Rico. 91 pp

49. Haury, L.R. & Pieper, R.E., 1988
Zooplankton: scales of biological and physical events.
IN: D.F. Soule & G.S. Kleppel (Eds.), Marine organisms as indicators. Chapter 3, pages 35-72, Springer-Verlag, N.Y.

50. Hidaka, M., 2002
Zooxamthellae and skeletal formation of hermatypic corals.
In: Nakamori T (ed) Coral reef research in Japan AI, Japan Coral Reef Society, pp 59-65 (in Japanese)

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