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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

401. Nunley, R.E., 1979
A level-bottom molluscan fauna from Calabash Bight, Isla de Roatan, Honduras.
Texas Christian University, M.S. thesis.

402. Sibly, R.M. & Calow, P., 1989
A life-cycle theory of responses to stress.
Bio. J. of the Linnean Soc. Lond. 37:101-116

403. Fisher, R. and D. R. Bellwood, 2002
A light trap design for stratum-specific sampling of reef fish larvae.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Volume 269, Issue 1: 27-37

404. Purchon, R.D., 1956
A list of corals collected in the vicinity of Singapore
Proceedings Limn. Soc. New South Wales

405. Starck, W.A., 1968
A list of fishes of Alligator Reef, Florida, with comments on the nature of the Florida reef fish fauna.
Undersea Biol. 1(1):1-40.

406. Briggs, J.C., 1958
A list of Florida fishes and their distribution.
Bull. Fla St. Mus. 2(8):233-318.

407. Frith, D. W. , 1979
A List of Insects Caught in Light Traps on West Island, Aldabra Atoll, Indian Ocean
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (255): 13 pp

408. Levring T., 1960
A list of marine algae from Rennell Island.
In: Wolff, T. Ed. 1960. The natural history of Rennell Island, British Solomon Islands etc Vol. 3 Botany and Geology). Danish Scientific Press, Copenhagen, p. 121-125.

409. Ohba, H., 1995
A list of seaweeds of Akajima Island and its vicinity in Kerama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.
Midoriishi, 6: pp 23-28 (in Japanese)

410. Wheeler, A., 1992
A list of the common and scientific names of fishes of the British Isles.
J. Fish Biol. 41:1-37.

411. Fowler, H., 1938
A list of the fishes from Malaysia.
Fisheries Bulletin, Singapore. Published by authority WWF-Malaysia.

412. Nichols, J.T., 1921
A list of Turks Islands fishes, with a description of a new flatfish.
Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. 44:21-24.

413. Levin, J., 1970
A literature review of the effects of sand removal on a coral reef community.
Publs. Univ. Hawaii Dept. Ocean Eng. 78pp.

414. Cope, M., 1982
A Lithophyllon dominated coral community at Hoi Ha Wan, Hong Kong
In: B. Morton and C.K. Tseng (eds.) Proceedings of the First International Marine Biological Workshop: the marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China. Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong

415. Adan, W.R, 2004
A local government alliance approach to integrated coastal zone management: The Gingoog Bay Development Council experience.
In p. 327-331. In DA-BFAR (Department of Agriculture- Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources). In turbulent seas: The status of Philippine marine fisheries. Coastal Resource Management Project, Cebu City, Philippines. 378 p.

416. Ogden, J.C., J.W. Porter, N.P. Smith, A.M. Szmant, W.C. Jaap and D. Forcucci, 1994
A long tern interdisciplinary study of the Florida seascape.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 54:1059-1071.

417. Benzaken, D., G. Smith and R. Williams, 1997
A long way together: The recognition of indigenous interests in the management of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
pp. 471–495, in State of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Workshop, Proceedings of a Technical Workshop held in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 27–29 November 1995, eds D. Wachenfeld, J. Oliver & K. Davis, Workshop Series No. 23, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Townsville.

418. Dollar, S., 1999
A long-term marine environmental monitoring program to assess the effects of sewage discharge on a coral reef.
in: Maragos, J.E. and Grober-Dunsmore, R. (eds), Proceedings of the Hawaii Coral Reef Monitoring Workshop, June 9-11, 1998, Honolulu, Hawaii, pp.185-195.

419. Moore, M.D., L.E. Wells, R.T. Faribainks and G. Klunder, 1993
A long-term record of sea surface conditions and the southern oscillation from an Indonesia reef coral (Abstract),
p. 166. In: R.H. Richmond (ed.) Proceedings of the 7th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. University of Guam Press, UOG Station, Guam.

420. Connell, J.H., T. P. Hughes, C. C. Wallace, J. E. Tanner, K. E. Harms and A. M. Kerr,, 2004
A long-term study of competition and diversity of corals.
Ecological Monographs: Vol. 74, No. 2, pp. 179–210.

421. Alcala, A.C, G.R. Russ, A.P. Maypa, and H.P. Calumpong, 2005
A long-term, spatially replicated experimental test of the effect of marine reserves on local fish yields
Can. Journal Fish. Aquatic Science 62: 98–108 (2005) doi: 10.1139/F04-176

422. Licuanan, W.Y., 1998
A low cost photographic tool for the assessment and monitoring of shallow water benthic communities.
Phil. Scientist 35:87-100.

423. Kvernevik, T-I, M.Z. Mohd Akhir and J. Studholme, 2002
A low-cost procedure for automatic seafloor mapping, with particular reference to coral reef conservation in developing nations.
Hydrobiologia 474:67-79

424. Cruz-Trinidad, A., G. Silvestre and D. Pauly, 1997
A Low-level Geographic Information System for Coastal Zone Management, with Application to Brunei Darussalam Part II: Economic analysis of trawling in Brunei Darussalam.
Naga, The ICLARM Quarterly (Vol. 20, No. 3 and 4) : pp 31-36

425. Gayanilo, Jr., F.C., G.T. Silvestre and D. Pauly, 1998
A Low-level Geographic Information System for Coastal Zone Management, with Applications to Brunei Darussalam: Part III: Simulation and Tracking of Oil Spills.
Naga, The ICLARM Quarterly vol 21 no 1: pp 41-43

426. Lindahl, U, 2000
A low-tech method for reef rehabilitation by stabilisation of transplanted corals
185-186. In: Souter, D., D. Obura and O. Linden (eds.). Coral reef degradation in the Indian Ocean (CORDIO). Status report and project presentations 2000. Stockholm Sweden.

427. Baine, M.S.P., 2006
A major outbreak of crown-of-thorns starfish in Bootless Bay, Central Province, Papua New Guinea.
Coral Reefs Volume 25, Number 4: 607

428. Alder, J., 1995
A Management Analysis of Tropical Marine Protected Areas: Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - two Case Studies
Department of Tropical Environmental Studies and Geography, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. PhD thesis. 234 pp.

429. Gombos, M., A. Arrivillaga, D. Wusinich-Mendez, B. Glazer, S. Frew, G. Bustamante, E. Doyle, A. Vanzella-Khouri, A. Acosta, and B. Causey, 2011
A Management Capacity Assessment of Selected Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas in the Caribbean
Commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP), the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) and by the UNEP-CEP Caribbean Marine Protected Area Management Network and Forum (CaMPAM). 269 pp.

430. Stoddart, D.R. and M.G. Morris, 1980
A Management Plan for Aldabra.
(Draft management plan).

431. Castañeda, P.G., 1981
A management plan for coral reef resource,
p. 213-218. First National Conservation Conference on Natural Resources. December 1981. NRMC/NEPC.

432. Garnett, M.I., 1983
A Management Plan for Nature Conservation in the Line and Phoenix Islands. Part 1: Description; Parts 2 and 3: Policy and Recommendations
Report prepared for the Government of Kiribati

433. Teytaud, A.R., 1981
A Management Plan for the St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Area of Particular Concern.
Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Department of Conservation and Cultural Affairs, Division of Coastal Zone Management, St Thomas.

434. Crosby, M.P. and E.S. Reese, 1996
A manual for monitoring coral reefs with indicator species: Butterflyfishes as Indicators of Change on Indo-Pacific Reefs.
Crosby, M.P. and E.S. Reese. 1996. A Manual for Monitoring Coral Reefs With Indicator Species: Butterflyfishes as Indicators of Change on Indo Pacific Reefs. Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD. 45 pp.

435. Watt, P., 2001
A manual for the co-management of commercial fisheries in the Pacific.
SPC Report. Fisheries Training Section, Secretariat of the Pacific Community. Noumea, New Caledonia.

436. Parsons, T.R., Y. Maita and G.M. Lalli, 1984
A manual of chemical and biological methods for seawater analysis
Pergamon press. 173pp.

437. Dartnall A.J., and M. Jones, 1986
A Manual of Survey Methods for Living Resources in Coastal Areas.
AIMS. 167pp.

438. Dartnall, A.J. and M. Jones, 1986
A manual of survey methods: living resources in coastal areas.
ASEAN-Australia Cooperative Program on Marine Science Handbook. The Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, Queensland. 167 pp.

439. Yang, R.T. (group representative), 1976
A marine biological data acquisition program pertaining to the construction of a power plant in the Nan-Wan bay area. Phase 1. A preliminary reconnaissance survey
Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University.

440. Yang, R.T. (group representative), 1977
A marine biological data acquisition program pertaining to the construction of a power plant in the Nan-Wan Bay area. Phase 2. Biological data acquisition
Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University.

441. Devaney, D.M., G.S. Losey and J.E. Maragos, 1975
A marine biological survey of proposed construction sites for the Truk runway
R.M. Parsons, Co.

442. Jones, R.S., R.H. Randall, Y.-M. Cheng, H.T. Kami and S.-M. Mak, 1972
A marine biological survey of southern Taiwan with emphasis on corals and fishes.
National Taiwan University, Institute of Oceanography, Special Publication, 1, 93 p.

443. Briggs, J.C., 2004
A marine center of origin: reality and conservation?
In: Lomolino, M.V. and L.R. Heaney (eds). Frontiers of Biogeography: new directions in the geography of nature. Sinauer Associates, Inc., Sunderland, Massachusetts, pp 255-269.

444. Marsh, J.A. and G.D. Gordon, 1972
A marine environmental survey of Piti Bay and Piti Channel, Guam
University of Guam Marine Laboratory, Environmental Survey Report 3.

445. Lourie, S.A. and A. C. J. Vincent, 2004
A marine fish follows Wallace's Line: the phylogeography of the three-spot seahorse (Hippocampus trimaculatus, Syngnathidae, Teleostei) in Southeast Asia.
Journal of Biogeography 31 (12), 1975-1985.

446. Ormond, R.F.G., 1978
A Marine Park for Jordan
Report on the feasibility of establishing a Marine Park at Aqaba. ALECSO

447. Robinson, G., 1983
A marine park in the Galapagos.
Noticias de Galapagos 37:9-13.

448. McKenna, S.A. G. R. Allen and S.Suryadi (Eds.), 2002
A Marine Rapid Assessment of the Raja Ampat Islands, Papua Province, Indonesia. (in Bahasa Indonesia and English).
RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment 22, Conservation International, Washington, DC. 193 p.

449. McKenna, S. A. and G. R. Allen (ed.), 2002
A marine rapid assessment of the Tongean and Banggai Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Conservation International, Washington. 146 pp.

450. Randall, R.H. and R.S. Jones, 1973
A marine survey for the proposed Hilton Hotel dredging project
University of Guam Marine Laboratory, Technical Report 7

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