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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

2651. Garces, L.R. and R.A. Valmonte-Santos, 1995
Assessment of water quality in Lagonoy Gulf: Part IV. Species composition and biomass of plankton communities.
In: G. Silvestre, C. Luna, V. Soliman and L. Garces (eds.) Resource and ecological assessment of Lagonoy gulf, Philippines. Volume 2: Technical Monograph. ICLARM Technical Report.

2652. Philip A. Kramer and Baerbel G. Bischof, 2003
Assessment tables for Abaco, Bahamas (fishes), Lighthouse, Belize (corals, algae, fishes) and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (corals, algae, fishes).
Pp. 590-596 in J.C. Lang (ed.), Status of Coral Reefs in the western Atlantic: Results of initial Surveys, Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) Program. Atoll Research Bulletin 496.

2653. Piniak, G.A., F. Lipschultz and J. McClelland, 2003
Assimilation and partitioning of prey nitrogen within two anthozoans and their endosymbiotic zooxanthellae.
Marine Ecology Progress Series Vol. 262: 125–136

2654. Lipschultz, F., 1993
Assimilation of NH4 by host and zooxanthellae of Pocillopora damicornis,
p. 381. In: R.H. Richmond (ed.) Proceedings of the 7th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. University of Guam Press, UOG Station, Guam. (abstract)

2655. Muscatine, L. & Cernichiari, E., 1969
Assimilation of photosynthetic products of zooxanthellae by a reef coral.
Biol. Bull. 137:506-523

2656. Anderson, O.R., N.R. Swanberg & P. Bennett, 1983
Assimilation of symbiont derived photosynthates in some solitary and colonial radilaria.
Mar. Biol. 77:265-270.

2657. Gillett R., 2000
Assistance in marine fisheries legislation. Indonesia. Report of the Fisheries Management Specialist.
FAO Technical Coooperation Program TCP/INS/8922. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome. 98 p.

2658. Veitayaki, J, A. Tawake, S. Fong and S. Meo, 2007
Assisting coastal communities in the Pacific Islands with alternative sources of livelihood and income
SPC Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin #16 - March 2007

2659. Pérez, C.D., D.A. Vila-Nova and A.M. Santos, 2005
Associated community with the zoanthid Palythoa caribaeorum (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860) (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) from littoral of Pernambuco, Brazil.
Hydrobiologia 548, Number 1: 207 - 215

2660. Goh, N.K.C. and L.M. Chou, 1994
Associates of Singapore gorgonians: Crustacea, mollusca, echinodermata and chordata,
p. 215-218. In: S. Sudara, C.R. Wilkinson and L.M. Chou (eds) Proceedings Third ASEAN-Australia Symposium on Living Coastal Resources. Bangkok, Thailand 2, 720 p.

2661. Scaps, P., Denis, V, 2007
Association between the scallop, Pedum spondyloideum, (Bivalvia: Pteriomorphia: Pectinidae) and scleractinian corals from the Wakatobi Marine National Park (Southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia)
The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 2007, 55(2): 1-10

2662. Purcell, S.W., 2000
Association of epilithic algae with sediment distribution on a windward reef in the northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 66(1):199-214.

2663. Scaps, Patrick, 2012
Associations between Pedum spondyloideum and live stony corals
Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012

2664. Scott, P.J.B., 1980
Associations between scleractinians and coral-boring molluscs in Hong Kong,
p. 121-138. In B. Morton (ed.) Proceedings of the First International Workshop on the Macrofauna of Hong Kong and Southern China, Hong Kong. Hong Kong University Press.

2665. B.D. Stewart and G.P. Jones , 2001
Associations between the abundance of piscivorous fishes and their prey on coral reefs: implications for prey-fish mortality
Marine Biology, Volume 138, Number 2: 383-397pp

2666. Peterson, E.L. , 2008
ASTER bathymetry in computational fluid dynamic simulation of Rongelap Atoll hydrodynamics, Marshall Islands
Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 7-11 July 2008. Vol. 1: 491-495 (Session number 15)

2667. Downey, M.E., 1975
Asteroidea from Malpelo Island with a description of a new species of the genus Tamaria,
p. 86-90. In: J. Graham (ed.) The biological investigations of Malpelo. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology.

2668. Purwati, P. and D. J. W. Lane, 2004
Asteroidea of the Anambas Expedition 2002.
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Supplement No. 11: 89-102

2669. Gawel, M.J., 1976
Asterospicularia randalli: a new species of Asterospiculariidae (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) from Guam.
Micronesica 12(2):303-307.

2670. Koppers, A.A.P. and H. Staudigel, 2005
Asynchronous Bends in Pacific Seamount Trails: A Case for Extensional Volcanism?
Science 11 February 2005: Vol. 307. no. 5711, pp. 904 - 907

2671. Brown, B.E., Le Tissier, M., Howard, L.S., Charuchinda, M. & Jackson, J.A., 1986
Asynchronous deposition of dense skeletal bands in {Porites} {lutea}.
Mar. Biol. 93:83-89

2672. Patterson, C.B., 1986
At the birth of nations.
National Geographic 170(4):460-499.

2673. Acropora Biological Review Team, 2005
Atlantic Acropora Status Review Document
Report to NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office. Miami, FL. 152pp + Appendices

2674. Acropora Biological Review Team, 2005
Atlantic Acropora Status Review Document.
Report to National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office. March 3, 2005. 152 p + App.

2675. Heileman, S. (ed.), 2004
Atlantic and Indian Oceans — Environment Outlook
United Nations Environment Programme, Kenya. 76 p.

2676. Clark, G.B., 1983
Atlantic hurricane season 1982.
Mon. Weather Rev. 111:1071-1079

2677. Walton Smith, F.G., 1948
Atlantic Reef Corals.
University of Miami Press, Florida. 112 p.

2678. Sun International Resort and Casino,
Atlantis: Paradise Island, Bahamas

2679. Reyes, H., L. Calderon, G. Cruz, P. MedinaRosas, A. Lopez, D. Herrero, G. Leyte, A. Cupul and J. Carriquiry, 2005
Atlas de corales petreos del Pacifico Mexicano.
SOMAC, Mexico.

2680. ORSTOM, 1981
Atlas de la Nouvelle Calédonie et dépendances

2681. Diaz, J.M., G. Diaz-Pulido, J. Garzon-Ferreira, J. Geister, J.A. Sanchez M. and S. Zea, 1996
Atlas de los arrecifes coralinos del Caribe Colombiano. I. Complejos arrecifales oceanicos.
Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras, Serie Publicaciones Especiales no. 2, 75 p.

2682. Morgan, J.R. and M.J. Valencia, 1983
Atlas for Marine Policy in Southeast Asian Seas.
University of California Press, Berkeley, L.A., London.

2683. Juvik, S. F. & J. O. Juvik, 1998
Atlas of Hawai‘i, 3rd ed.
University of Hawai‘i Press, Honolulu, HI. 333 pp.

2684. Armstrong, R.W. (Editor), 1973
Atlas of Hawaii.
University Press of Hawaii.

2685. Smith, S.V., K.E. Chave and D.T.O Kam, Editors, 1973
Atlas of Kaneohe Bay: a reef ecosystem under stress
University of Hawaii, Sea Grant College Program (UNIHI-SEAGRANT-TR-72- 01), 128 p.

2686. van Duyl, F.C., 1985
Atlas of living reefs of Curaçao and Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles),
Foundation for Scientific Research in Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles. Vol. 117, Utrecht.

2687. Karolle, B.G., 1993
Atlas of Micronesia. 2nd Edition.
Bess Press, Honolulu, Hawaii, 128 p.

2688. Randall, R.H. and L.G. Eldredge, 1976
Atlas of Reefs and Beaches of Guam
Coastal Zone Management Section, Bureau of Planning, Guam. 191 p.

2689. López de la Fuente J , 1994
Atlas of Solar Radiation in Nicaragua.
Report to the Swedish Development Assistance Program, Stockholm

2690. Maxwell, W.G.H., 1968
Atlas of the Great Barrier Reef.
Elsevier Publishing Co. Amsterdam, 258 p.

2691. Eldredge, L.G. and R.H. Randall, 1980
Atlas of the reefs and beaches of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.
Office of Coastal Resources Management of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas. 161 p.

2692. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration., 2003
Atlas of the Shallow- water Benthic Habitats of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Draft). 160pp.

2693. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)., 2005
Atlas of the Shallow-water Benthic Habitats of American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 8, Biogeography Team. Silver Spring, MD. 126 pp.

2694. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)., 2003
Atlas of the Shallow-water Benthic Habitats of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Draft)
Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment. Silver Spring, MD. 160 pp.

2695. Chopra, K.P., 1973
Atmospheric and oceanic flow problems introduced by islands.
Adv. Geophys. 16:297-421

2696. Pearson, P.N. and M.R. Palmer, 2000
Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations over the past 60 millions years.
Nature, 406: 695-699.

2697. Callison, R.D. & Cracknell, A.P., 1984
Atmospheric correction to AVHRR brightness temperatures for waters around Great Britain.
Int. J. Remote Sensing 5:185-198

2698. Griffin, D.W., Kellogg, V.H. Garrison, J.T. Lisle, T.C. Borden and E.A. Shinn, 2003
Atmospheric microbiology in the northern Caribbean during African dust events
Aerobiologia, Volume 19, Numbers 3-4, 143-157pp

2699. Barile, P.J. and B.E. Lapointe, 2005
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition from a remote source enriches macroalgae in coral reef ecosystems near Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas.
Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 50, Issue 11:1262-1272

2700. Salvat, B., B. Legendre and J.L. Lanctot, 1995
Atmospheric nuclear tests: immediate and long-term effects on coral reef gastropod assemblages.
International Conference. Long term changes in marine ecosystems, Arcachon.

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