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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

2351. Taylor, W.R., 1986
p. 153-159. In J. Daget, J.-P. Gosse and D.F.E. Thys van den Audenaerde (eds.) Check-list of the freshwater fishes of Africa (CLOFFA). ISBN, Brussels, MRAC, Tervuren, and ORSTOM, Paris. Vol. 2.

2352. Haedrich, R.L., 1984
In W. Fischer and G. Bianchi (eds.) FAO species identification sheets for fishery purposes. Western Indian Ocean fishing area 51. Vol. 1.

2353. AAA Engineering, Univ. of Hawaii and Honolulu Engineer District, 1989
Arno Atoll coastal resource atlas.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Ocean Division, Honolulu, Hawaii. 41 p.

2354. Smith, J.D., Bagg, J. & Sin, Y.O., 1987
Aromatic hydrocarbons in seawater, sediments and clams from Green Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Aust. J. Mar. Freshw. Res. 38:501-510

2355. Oki, K., 2002
Around Amami oshima. Report on coral mortality and its cause in Ishigaki Island.
Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, pp 113-117

2356. Cortes, J. and H. Guzman, 1985
Arrecifes coralinos de la Costa Atlantica de Costa Rica.
Brenesia 23:275-292.

2357. Jordán, E., 1980
Arrecifes coralinos del Noreste de la Peninsula de Yucatan: Estructura comunitaria, un estimador del Desarrollo Arrecifal.
Centro Cienc. del Mar y Limnol. Univ. Nal. Auton. México. 148 p. Tesis.

2358. Guzman, H.M. and J. Cortes, 1993
Arrecifes coralinos del Pacifico Oriental Tropical: Revision y perspectivas.
Rev. Biol. Trop. 91(3):535-557.

2359. Geraldes, F. X., 1980
Arrecifes Fósiles de la Costa Sur de la República Dominicana.
IX Conf. Geol. Carib. 2 : 6 p.

2360. Cortes, J., 1983
Arrecofes coralinos y deforestacion,
In: VIII Simposio Latinoamericano sobre Oceanografia Biologica-Memorias, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2361. Parrish, M. and M. K. Ryan, 2004
art in the swamp: using field illustration to prepare drawings of mangrove communities at twin cays, belize, central america
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (530): 11 pp

2362. Blakeway, D., 2000
Artefacts in reef-accretion curves derived from core: A simulation study.
In Moosa, M.K., S. Soemodihardjo, A. Soegiarto, K. Romimohtarto, A. Nontji, Soekarno and Suharsono (ed.). Proceedings of the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, Bali. 23-27 Oct. 2000. Vol. 1:217-222

2363. Sudara, S., T. Thamrongnawasawat and C. Sookchanuluk, 1991
Artificial classification of coral communities in the Gulf of Thailand.
In: A.C. Alcala (ed.) Proceedings of The Regional Symposium on Living Resources in Coastal Areas, p. 21-25. . Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. 597 p.

2364. Seaman, W., 1995
Artificial habitats for fish.
Pages 93-104 In Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology. Academic Press, San Diego, USA.

2365. Sherman, R.L., D.S. Gilliam, and R.E. Spieler, 2001
Artificial reef design: void space, complexity and attractants
ICES J. Mar. Sci. 59:196-200pp

2366. Jothy, A. A., 1986
Artificial Reef Development In Malaysia.
pp. 5-16. in Wong, T. M.J. E. Ong and K. S. Ong (Editors). Proceedings Of The Ninth Annual Seminar: Towards Greater Productivity / Of Our Coastal Waters. USM, Penang, Malaysia. 12th April 1986.

2367. Seaman, W., Jr., Editor., 2000
Artificial reef evaluation -- with application to natural marine habitats.
CRC Press, Boca Raton. xi+ 246 pp.

2368. Bohnsack J.A., and D.L. Sutherland, 1985
Artificial reef research: a review with recommendations for future priorities.
Bull Mar Sci 37(l):11-39

2369. Ferse, S.C.A., 2008
Artificial reef structures and coral transplantation: fish community responses and effects on coral recruitment in North Sulawesi/Indonesia
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Bremen, Germany.

2370. Downing, N. and C.R. El Ä Zahr, 1983
Artificial reef utilization by three species of groupers in the Salt River Canyon, St Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands).
Final Scientific Report 82-9 and 83-9. National Undersea Research Program. NOAA, Rockville, MD.

2371. Pickering, H. and D. Whitmarsh, 1996
Artificial reefs and fisheries exploitation: a review of the ‘Attraction versus Production’ debate, the influence of design and its significance for policy.
CEMARE Research Paper 107, Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources (CEMARE), Department of Economics, University of Portsmouth, Locksway Road, Portsmouth PO4 8JF, United Kingdom.

2372. Wilson, K.D.P., 2003
Artificial Reefs and Reef Fish in Hong Kong.
Friends of the Country Parks and Cosmo Books Ltd., Hong Kong pp176.

2373. Pickering, H., D. Whitmarsh and A. Jensen, 1999
Artificial Reefs as a Tool to Aid Rehabilitation of Coastal Ecosystems: Investigating the Potential.
Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 37, Issues 8-12:505-514

2374. Kim, C.G., 2001
Artificial Reefs in Korea.
Fisheries vol 26 no 12 pp 15-18

2375. Downing, N., R.A. Tubb, C.R. ElÄZahr and R.E. McClure, 1985
Artificial reefs in Kuwait, northern Arabian Gulf
Bull. Mar. Sci. 37(1):157-178.

2376. Chang, K.H., 1979
Artificial reefs in Taiwan (1), (2), (3)
Monogr. Ser. Inst. Zool. Acad. Sin.

2377. Bombace, G., 1989
Artificial Reefs in the Mediterranean Sea
Bulletin of Marine Science. 44(2):1023-1032.

2378. Munro, J.L. and M.C. Balgos (eds)., 1995
Artificial reefs in the Philippines.
Proceedings of a workshop held at the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management Manila, Philippines 30 - 31 August, 1994. ICLARM Conf. Pros. 49. 56 p.

2379. Balgos, M.C., 1997
Artificial reefs in the Philippines: A policy analysis,
p. 1987-1990. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

2380. Pickering, H., 1996
Artificial reefs of bulk waste materials: a scientific and legal review of the suitability of using the cement stabilised by-products of coal-fired power stations.
Marine Policy, Volume 20, Issue 6:483-497

2381. Chou, L.M., 1997
Artificial Reefs of Southeast Asia - Do They Enhance or Degrade the Marine Environment?
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Volume 44, Number 1 - 3: 45 - 52

2382. Goodwin, M.H. and G. Cambers, 1983
Artificial reefs: a handbook for the Eastern Caribbean.
Environmental Research Projects and Caribbean Conservation Association, Barbados. 83 p.

2383. Polovina, J.J., 1989
Artificial reefs: nothing more than benthic fish aggregators.
ColCOFl Rep., Vol. 30"37-39

2384. Carr, M.H. and M. A. Hixon, 1997
Artificial Reefs: The Importance of Comparisons with Natural Reefs.
Fisheries: Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 28–33.

2385. Spieler, R.E., D.S.Gilliam, and R.L. Sherman., 1999
Artificial substrate and coral reef restoration: What do we need to know what we need.
In: Proceedings of the International Conference of Scientific Aspects of Coral Reef Assessment, monitoring, and Restoration. Fort Lauderdale, Florida: April 14-16, 1999. Pp 1013

2386. Taylor, D.L., 1978
Artificially induced symbiosis between marine flagellates and vertebrate tissues in culture.
J. Protozool. 25:77-81

2387. Guzmán H.M. & G. Jácome, 1998
Artisan fishery of Cayos Cochinos Biological Reserve, Honduras (SPA)
In: Guzman (ed) Marine -Terrestrial Flora and Fauna of Cayos Cochinos Archipelago, Honduras: The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 1995-1997 Project. Revista de Biologia Tropical Vol. 46, Suppl. 1

2388. Walker. R., and E. Fanning (eds.), 2003
Artisanal and traditional turtle resource utilisation in South West Madagascar.
Frontier Madagascar Environmental Research Report 2.. Society for Environmental Exploration, UK and Institute of Marine Sciences, Toliara, Madagascar.

2389. Benzoni, F., J. S. Ashworth, A. M. Addamo, F. Stefani, A. Mabrouk and P. Galli, 2006
Artisanal fisheries and No-Take Zones in Nabq, Egypt: effects on molluscs and reef top benthic assemblages.
Proceedings of 10th International Coral Reef Symposium, Okinawa, Japan. June 28-July 2, 2004. 1362-1367 pp

2390. Alimoso, S. B. , S. J. Davies, 1992
Artisanal fisheries and resource management in the British Virgin Islands.
Proc. Gulf Caribb. Fish Inst. Vol.44

2391. JENNINGS, S., 1998
Artisanal fisheries of the Great Astrolabe Reef, Fiji: monitoring, assessment and management.
Coral Reefs 17:82.

2392. Jennings, S., 1998
Artisanal fisheries of the Great Astrolabe Reef, Fiji: monitoring, assessment and management.
Coral Reefs 17(1):82.

2393. Piniellaa F., J.P. Novalbos and P.J. Nogueroles, 2008
Artisanal fishing in Andalusia (II): Safety and working conditions policy
Marine Policy 32 (2008) 551–558 pp.

2394. Adams, T.J.H. and P.J. Dalzell, 1999
Artisanal Fishing,
p. 357-380. In: L.G. Eldredge, J.E. Maragos, P.F. Holthus and H.F. Takeuchi (eds.). Marine and coastal biodiversity in the tropical island Pacific Refion. Volume 2. Population, development and conservation priorities. Program on Environment, East-West Cen

2395. Adams, T.J.H. and P. J. Dalzell, 1994
Artisanal Fishing.
Paper presented at the East-West Center Workshop on Marine Biodiversity Issues in the Pacific Islands University of Hawaii, November 1994.

2396. ECNAMP, 1980
Aruba. Preliminary Data Atlas. Survey of Conservation Priorities in the Lesser Antilles.
Eastern Caribbean Natural Area Management Program.

2397. Weaver, B., 1996
Ascension Island

2398. Olson, R.R., 1983
Ascidian-prochloron symbiosis: the role of photoadaptations in midday larval release and settlement.
Biol. Bull. 165:221-240.

2399. ASEAN/UNEP, 1983
ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves.
ASEAN Experts Group on the Environment and UNEP. Bangkok, Thailand. 94 p.

2400. Anon, 2002
ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation.
ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation

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