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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

2151. Dollar, S.J. and R.W. Grigg, 2003
Anthropogenic and Natural Stresses on Coral Reefs in Hawaii; A multi-decade synthesis of impact and recovery.
Final Report. Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative.

2152. Dollar, S. J., 2004
Anthropogenic and Natural Stresses on Selected Coral Reefs in Hawai'i: A Multidecade Synthesis of Impact and Recovery.
Pacific Science - Volume 58, Number 2: 281-304

2153. Dollar S.J. and R.W. Grigg, 2004
Anthropogenic and natural stresses on selected coral reefs in Hawaii: A multidecade synthesis of impact and recovery.
Pacific Science 58 (2): 281-304.

2154. Paulay, G. L. Kirkendale, G. Lambert and C. Meyer, 2002
Anthropogenic biotic interchange in a coral reef ecosystem: a case study from Guam.
Pacific Sceince 56(4):403–422

2155. Hungspreugs, M., 1984
Anthropogenic effects on the Gulf of Thailand,
In: Man's impact on coastal and estuarine ecosystems. Proc. MAB/COMAR Regional Seminar, Tokyo, November 1984. MAB Co-ordinating Committee of Japan.

2156. Tamata, Ulukalesi, John Morrison, 2012
Anthropogenic factors and nutrient variability along the Coral Coast, Fiji.
Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012

2157. GESAMP, 1994
Anthropogenic influences on sediment discharge tot he coastal zone and environemtnal consequences.
GESAMP Reports and Studies No. 52

2158. Orr, J.C., V.J. Fabry, O. Aumont, L. Bopp, S.C. Doney, R.A. Feely, A. Gnanadesikan, N. Gruber, A. Ishida, F. Joss, R.M. Key, K. Lindsay, E. Maier-Reimer, R. Matear, P. Monfray, A. Mouchet, R.G. Najjar, G. Plattner, K.B. Rodgers, C.L. Sabine, J.L. Sarmiento, R. Schlitzer, R.D. Slater, I.J. Totterdell,W. Weirig, Y. Yamanaka, and A. Yool., 2005
Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification over the Twenty-First Century and its Impact on Calcifying Organisms
Nature 437: 681-686.

2159. Mason, L., 1952
Anthropology-geography study of Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (10): 143 pp

2160. Nagashima, Y. A. Sendo, K. Shimakura, K. Shiomi, T. Kobayashi, B. Kimura and T. Fujii, 2001
Antibacterial factors in skin mucus of rabbitfishes.
Journal of Fish Biology Volume 58, Issue 6: 1761-1765

2161. David Haynes, D., C. Christie, P. Marshall and K. Dobbs, 2002
Antifoulant concentrations at the site of the Bunga Teratai Satu grounding, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 9,:968-972

2162. Keats, D.W., M.A. Knight and C.M. Pueschel, 1997
Antifouling effects of epithallial shedding in three crustose coralline algae (Rhodophyta, Coralinales) on a coral reef.
J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 213:281-293.

2163. Merkel, S.M., K. Kim, P.D. Kim, G. W. Smith and C.D. Harvell, 1997
Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity in healthy and fungal-diseased sea fans (Gorgonia ventalina).

2164. Kim, K., P. D. Kim, A. P. Alker and C. D. Harvell, 2000
Antifungal properties of gorgonian corals.
Marine Biology 137: 393-401

2165. ECNAMP, 1980
Preliminary Data Atlas Survey of Conservation Priorities in the Lesser antilles. Easter Carribean Natural Area Management Program.

2166. Paul, V.J. and K.L. van Alstyne, 1988
Antiherbivore defenses in Halimeda,
p. 133-138. In Choat, J.H., D. Barnes, MA. Borowitzka, J.C. Coll, P.J.Davies, P. Flood, B.G. Hatcher, D. Hopley, P.A. Hutchings, D. Kinsey, G.R. Orme, M. Pichon, P.F. Sale, P. Sammarco, C.C. Wallace, C. Wilkinson, E. Wolanski and O. Bellwood (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Coral Reef Symposium: Vol. 3: Contributed Papers. Townsville, Australia.

2167. Kelman, D., A. Kushmaro, Y. Loya, Y. Kashman and Y. Benayahu, 1998
Antimicrobial activity of a Red Sea soft coral, Parerythropodium fulvum fulvum: reproductive and developmental considerations.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 169:87-95

2168. Kelman, D., Y. Kashman, E. Rosenberg, A. Kushmaro and Y. Loya, 2006
Antimicrobial activity of Red Sea corals.
Marine Biology Volume 149, Number 2: 357 - 363

2169. Kelman, D., 2004
Antimicrobial Activity of Sponges and Corals.
p 243-258 in Rosenberg, E. and Y. Loya (Eds.). Coral Health and Disease. Springer. 488 p.

2170. McCaffrey, E.J., 1985
Antimicrobial activity of tropical and subtropical sponges.
Mar. Biol. 89:1-8

2171. Robinson, G., 1982
Antipatharian corals (Black corals) of the Galapagos Islands: biology, distribution and abundance.
Project proposal.

2172. Zou, R.L. and J. Zhou, 1984
Antipatharians from Hong Kong waters with a description of a new species
Asian Marine Biology

2173. Schleyer, M.H., 1997
In: Richmond, M.D. (ed.). A guide to the seashores of eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands. Sida, Stockholm: pp 152.

2174. Secretaria de Pesca, Mexico, 1989
Anuario estadistico de pesca.
Direccion General de Informatica y Registro Pesqueros.

2175. Chevre, H., 1974
Aperçu sur la météorologie des Iles Gambier
Cah. Pacif.

2176. Bouchon, C. and G. Faure, 1979
Aperçu sur les peuplements à base de Scléractiniaires du récif de l'ile Tromelin (Océan Indien).
Cah. de l'Indo-Pacifique 1(1):25-37.

2177. Laborel, J. and F. Laborel-Deguen, 1979
Aperçu sur les récifs coralliennes de la Martinique.
Courrier du parc règional de la Martinique 30:24-31.

2178. Chevalier, J.P., 1974
Aperçu sur les Scléractiniaires des Iles Gambier.
Cah. Pacif.

2179. O'Reilly, R.P.P., 1974
Aperçu sur l'histoire de l'archipel des Gambier
Cah. Pacif.

2180. Reboton, C., 1999
Apo Island
Coral Reef Atlas of the Philippines Online Edition. http://msi01.cs.upd.edu.ph/philreefs/atlas/apoisland.html.

2181. Anon.,
Apo Reef Marine Park.
BFAR Coral Reef Research Project brochure.

2182. Mee, J.K.L., 1996
Apogon dhofar, a new cardinalfish (Perciformes: Apogonidae) from the northwestern Indian Ocean.
Journal of South AsianNnatural History. Volume 2 • Number 1

2183. Ida, H. and J.T. Moyer, 1974
Apogonid fishes of Miyake-jima and Ishigaki-jima, Japan with description of a new species.
Jap. J. Ichthyol.

2184. Maugé, L.A. and G.F. Mayer, 1990
p. 714-718. In J.C. Quero, J.C. Hureau, C. Karrer, A. Post and L. Saldanha (eds.) Check-list of the fishes of the eastern tropical Atlantic (CLOFETA). JNICT, Lisbon, SEI, Paris, and UNESCO, Paris. Vol. 2.

2185. Asker, S., 1984
Apomixis and biosystematics.
In: W.F. Grant (ed), Plant Biosystematics.

2186. Borneman E.H and Gerard M. Wellington, 2006
Apoptosis in diseased reef corals
Proceedings of 10th International Coral Reef Symposium, Okinawa, Japan. June 28-July 2, 2004. 142-148 pp

2187. Hildebrand, H.H., H. Chavez and A. Compton, 1964
Aporte al conocimiento de los peces del arrecife Alacranes, Yucatan, México.
Ciencia, Mex. 23(3):107-134.

2188. Campos Villaroel, R.A., 1972
Aporte al estudio de los Corales (Coelenterata) de la Bahia de Mochima, Estado Sucre.
Bol. Soc. Venez. Cienc. Nat. 29(122-123):545-589.

2189. Sale, P.F., 1971
Apparent effect of prior experience on a habitat preference exhibited by the reef fish, Dascyllus aruanua (Pisces: Pomacentridae).
Anim. Behav. 19: 247-252.

2190. Miller, M.W., D.B. McClellan, J.W. Wiener, and B. Stoffle., 2007
Apparent rapid fisheries escalation at a remote Caribbean island
Environ. Conserv. 34: 92-94.

2191. Donguy, J.R., Henin, C., Morliere, A., Rebert, J.P., Meyers, G., 1982
Appearances in the Western Pacific of phenomena induced by El Nino in 1979-1980
Trop. Ocean Atmos. Newsl.: March, 1982

2192. Done, T.J. and K.F. Navin, 1990
Appendix 2. Location maps, site descriptions and benthos lists for coral reef community surveys.
p. 137-223. In: T.J. Done and K.F. Navin (eds.) Vanuatu marine resources: Report of a biological survey. Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, 272 p.

2193. Ayling, A.M., G.J. Andrews, K.F. Navin and J.A.H. Benzie, 1990
Appendix 6. Percent cover estimates of sessile benthic organisms, Phase 3.
p. 235-26263. In: T.J. Done and K.F. Navin (eds.) Vanuatu marine resources: Report of a biological survey. Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville.

2194. Ayling, A.M. and G.J. Andrews, 1990
Appendix 7. Fish counts, Phase 3,
p. 264-272. In: T.J. Done and K.F. Navin (eds.) Vanuatu marine resources: Report of a biological survey. Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville.

2195. , 2004
Appendix C: Benthic-Algae REA Team Activity Summary. National Marine Fisheries Service. Cruise Report No. OES-04-04. 21 March-9 April, 2004.
NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, Honolulu, HI. 70 pp.

2196. Hatziolos, M. E., A.J. Hooten and M. Fodor, 1998
Appendix G, Conference Participants
p. 212-224. In: M.E. Hatziolos, A.J. Hooten and M. Fodor (eds.) Coral reefs: challenges and opportunities for sustainable management. Proccedings of the 5th Annual World Bank Conference on Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development, 10-11 Oct. 1

2197. Wilkinson, C. (ed.)., 2004
Appendix I. Suggested Reading Appendix II. List Of Acronyms Appendix III. Second International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium Action Statement
p: 539-557. in C. Wilkinson (ed.). Status of coral reefs of the world: 2004. Volume 2. Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. 557 p.

2198. Lessios, H. A. and I.G. Macintyre (eds.), 1997
Appendix, Keyword index and author index.
p. 2107-2119. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

2199. The Japanese Coral Reef Society and Ministry of the Environment (Editors)., 2004
Coral reefs of Japan. Ministry of the Environment, Tokyo, Japan. 356 p.

2200. The Japanese Coral Reef Society and Ministry of the Environment (Editors)., 2004
Coral reefs of Japan. Ministry of the Environment, Tokyo, Japan. 356 p.

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