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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

2001. Patterson, H.M., S.R. Thorrold and J.M. Shenker, 1999
Analysis of otolith chemistry in Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) from the Bahamas and Belize using solution-based ICP-MS.
Coral Reefs 18(2):171-178.

2002. Pecheux, M., 1996
Analysis of ozone satellite data : no relation between UV and reef mass bleaching.
Paper Presented at Eight Int. Coral Reef Symp., Panama, June 1996.

2003. Taylor, F. W., C. Frohlich, J. Lecolle and M. Strecker, 1987
Analysis of Partially Emerged Corals and Reef Terraces in the Central Vanuatu Arc: Comparison of Contemporary Coseismic and Nonseismic with Quaternary Vertical Movements.
Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 92, no. B6, p. 4905-4933.

2004. Underwood, A.J., 1976
Analysis of patterns of dispersion of intertidal prosobranch gastropods in relation to macroalgae and rock-pools.
Oecologia 25:145-154

2005. Ayala-Bocos, A. and H. Reyes-Bonilla, 2008
Analysis of reef fish abundance in the Gulf of California, and projection of changes by global warming
Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 7-11 July 2008. Vol. 2: 1282-1286 (Session number 25)

2006. Chen, C.A., 1999
Analysis of scleractinian distribution in Taiwan indicating a pattern congruent with sea surface temperatures and currents: examples from Acropora and Faviidae corals.
Zoological Studies 38(2):119-129.

2007. Fujiwara, S., 1994
Analysis of survey results in coral reef sea area.
The report of the marine biotic environment survey in the 4th national survey on the natural environment, Vol 3, Coral reefs, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, pp 31-48 (in Japanese)

2008. Uchida, H., 1994
Analysis of survey results in non-coral reef sea area. The report of the marine biotic environment survey in the 4th national survey on the natural environment.
Vol. 3 Coral reef, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, pp 13-29 (in Japanese)

2009. Harrington G.A. and V. Gallucci, 1996
Analysis of the artisanal fisheries and the potential for co-management in the Miskito Cays Protected Area, Atlantic coast, Nicaragua.
In: Trott, LB (ed) Recommendations and reports for the management of fisheries in the Miskito Coast Marine Reserve of Nicaragua, Environmental Initiative of the Americas Fisheries Project October 1995 to September 1996. USAID Environment Center, Global Bureau, Washington, DC

2010. Philbrick, C. E., 1987
Analysis of the commercial fishery of the central Philippine province of Marinduque.
University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA. 138 p.

2011. Luckhurst, B.E. and K. Luckhurst, 1978
Analysis of the influence of substrate variables on coral reef fish communities.
Mar. Biol. 49:317-323.

2012. Umezawa, Y., T. Miyajima, M. Yamamuro, H. Kayane and I. Koike, 2001
Analysis of the influential are of land-derived nitrogen in tropical and subtropical coastal areas.
Monthly Kaiyo, 33 (7): pp 472-476 (in Japanese)

2013. Nakano, Y., 1984
Analysis of the mechanism of expansion and contraction of polyps by diurnal cycle on five species of Faviidae.
Undergraduate thesis in Biology course, University of the Ryukyus. (in Japanese)

2014. Luckhurst, B. , J. Ward, 1992
Analysis of trends in Bermuda's fishery statistical database from 1975 to 1990 with reference to fishery management implemented during this period.
Proc. Gulf Caribb. Fish Inst. Vol.44

2015. Erhardt, N.M., J. S. Ault, 1992
Analysis of two length-based mortality models applied to bounded catch length frequencies.
Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. Vol.121 :115-122

2016. Buckley, R.M. and G.J. Hueckel, 1989
Analysis of visual transects for fish assessment on artificial reefs.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 44(2):893-898.

2017. Bull, G.D., 1983
Analysis of visually dominant organism data from manta tow coral surveys.
Report to GBRMPA, December 1983

2018. Kingsford, M.J., 1998
Analytical aspects of sampling design. Studying temperate marine environments: a handbook for ecologists.
Mj Kingsford and C Battershill, Canterbury, Canterbury University Press: pp 23-32

2019. Ministry of Planning and National Development, Republic of Maldives., 2008
Analytical Report 2006: Population and Housing Census 2006.
Republic of Maldives: Ministry of Planning and National Development.

2020. Singh, I.M., 1983
Analytical survey of national legislation relevant to the protection and management of the marine and coastal environment of Somalia
Report submitted to UNEP and FAO, Mogadishu

2021. Ralston, S., G.T. Mijamoto, 1983
Analyzing the width of daily otolith increments to age the Hawaiian snapper, Pristipomoides filamentous..
Fish. Bull. U.S. Vol.81 :523-533

2022. Westphall, M.J., 1986
Anatomy and history of a ringed-reef complex, Belize, Central America.
University of Miami. M.Sc. Thesis, 135 p.

2023. Freiwald, A., R. Henrich and J.Pätzold., 1997
Anatomy of a deep- water coral reef mound from Stjernsund, West-Finnmark, northern Norway.
SEPM, Special Publication, 56, pp. 141-161.

2024. Macintyre, I.G., J. Cortes and P.W. Glynn, 1994
Anatomy of a dying coral reef: Punta Islotes reef, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica,
p. 261-266. In: R.N. Ginsburg (compiler) Proceedings of the Colloquium on Global Aspects of Coral Reefs: Health, Hazards and History 1993. University of Miami, Florida.

2025. Yamano, H., H. Kayanne and N. Yonekura, 2001
Anatomy of a modern coral reef flat: A recorder of storms and uplift in the late Holocene.
J Sediment Res, 71: pp 295-304

2026. Pratt, E.M., 1900
Anatomy of Neohelia porcellana (Moseley).
Willey's Zool. Results 5:591-602.

2027. Fowler, G.H., 1887
Anatomy of the Madreporaria: II.
Quart. J. Microsc. Sci. 27:1-16

2028. Wahbeh, M.I. and D. Al-Eisawi, 1985
Anatomy of the seagrasses of the genera Halophila (Hydrocharitacea) and Halodule (Cymodoceae) from the Gulf of Aqaba. 1. Leaf blades.
Dirasat 12:27-34.

2029. Pratt, E.M., 1900
Anatomy of{Neohelia porcellana}(Moseley).
Willey's Zoological Results,Cambridge, part 5:591-602,2pts.

2030. Palaganas, V.P., 1991
Anchor damage on the coral reef of Sombrero Island, Batangas, Philippines.
Paper presented during the 7th Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management, Long Beach, CA. 8-12 July 1991.

2031. Davis, G.E., 1977
Anchor damage to a coral reef on the coast of Florida.
Biological Conservation 11:29-34.

2032. J. L. Carlin, J.L., D. R. Robertson and B. W. Bowen, 2003
Ancient divergences and recent connections in two tropical Atlantic reef fishes Epinephelus adscensionis and Rypticus saponaceous (Percoidei: Serranidae).
Marine Biology Volume 143, Number 6: 1057 - 1069

2033. Copper, P., 1994
Ancient reef ecosystem expansion and collapse.
Coral Reefs 13(1):3-11.

2034. Tsien, H.H., 1982
Ancient reefs and reef carbonates,
p. 601-609. In: E.D. Gomez, C.E. Birkeland, R.W. Buddemeier, R.E. Johannes, J.A. Marsh, Jr. and R.T. Tsuda (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. Marine Sciences Center, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines.

2035. Bayliss-Smith, T.P., 1973
and economic system of Ontong Java atoll.
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. Ph.D. thesis.

2036. Anon., 1996
Andaman and Nicobar Islands basic statistics 1996.
Directorate of economics and statistics Andaman and Nicobar Administration. 435 p.

2037. Alfred, J.R.B., N.V. Subba Rao and D.R.K. Sastry., 1998 1998
Andaman and Nicobar Islands: a background paper.
Proceedings of workshop on management of coral reef ecosystem of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. 23 November, 1998. Port Blair.

2038. Chansang, H and S. Ukrit, 2008
Andaman Sea-Summary
In Obura, D.O., Tamelander, J., & Linden, O. (Eds) (2008). Ten years after bleaching - facing the consequences of climate change in the Indian Ocean.CORDIO Status Report 2008. Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean/Sida-SARE

2039. Pauly, D., 1995
Anecdotes and the shifting baseline syndrome of fisheries.
Trends in Ecological Evolution 10:430.

2040. D'Arcy, W. G. , 1975
Anegada Island : vegetation and flora
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (188): 42 pp

2041. D'Arcy, W.G., 1975
Anegada Island: vegetation and flora.
Atoll Res. Bull. 188:1-40.

2042. ECNAMP, 1980
Anegada; British Virgin Islands. Preliminary Data Atlas.
Eastern Caribbean Natural Area Management Program.

2043. Shamala S. P., Y. Yusuf and M.N. Siti Azizah, 2000
Anemone Fish (Amphiprion Spp.) of The Pulau Payar Group of Islands.
p. 110-118. In Ali, A. B., M.A. Arshad, I. Zaidnuddin and S.A. Mohd Sah (eds.). Proceedings of National Symposium On Pulau Payar Marine Park. Fisheries Research Institute, Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang.

2044. Debelius, H., H. Tanaka and R. Kuiter., 2003
Angelfishes: A comprehensive guide to Pomacathidae.
TMC Publishing, Chorleywood, UK. 208pp.

2045. ECNAMP, 1980
Preliminary Draft Atlas Survey of Conservation Priorities in the Lesser Antillies. Eastern Caribbean Natural Area Management Program.

2046. Salm, R.V., 1980
Anguilla. Coral reefs and the marine parks potential.
Report commissioned by ECNAMP.

2047. Smith, D.G., 1997
Anguillidae. Freshwater eels.
In K.E. Carpenter and V. Niem (eds.) FAO Identification Guide for Fishery Purposes. The Western Central Pacific.

2048. Patton, W.K., 1976
Animal associates of living corals.
in: O.A. Jones & R. Endean (eds), Biology and Geologyof Coral Reefs, Academic Press, N.Y. Vol. III, Biol. 2, pp.1-36

2049. Patton, W.K., 1973
Animal associates of living reef corals,
p. 1-36. In: O.A. Jones and R. Endean (eds.) Biology and Geology of Coral Reefs, Vol. 3. Biology 2, Academic Press, New York, 435 p.

2050. Morrison, J.P.E., 1954
Animal ecology of Raroia atoll, Tuamotu. Part 1. Ecological notes on the molluscs and other animals of Raroia.
Atoll Res. Bull. 34:1-26.

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