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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

1601. Mohlman, M. and P.L. Munday, 1999
Am blyeleotris arcupinna, a new species of shrimp goby.
Revue fr. Aquariol. 26: 55-58.

1602. Nakai, T. and K. Oki., 2004
Amami Archipelago.
p. 172-174. in The Japanese Coral Reef Society and Ministry of the Environment (Editors). Coral reefs of Japan. Ministry of the Environment, Tokyo, Japan. 356 p.

1603. South, G.R., & P.A. Skelton, 1999
Amansia Paloloensis Sp. Nov. (Rhodophyta, Rhodomelaceae) From Samoa, South Pacific.
Phycologia 38(3): 245-250.

1604. Godfrey, G.D., 1983
Ambergris Caye: paradise with a past.
Ambergris Caye: Paradise with a Past.

1605. Tolimieri, N., A. Jeffs and J.C. Montgomery, 2000
Ambient sound as a cue for navigation by the pelagic larvae of reef fishes.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 207:219-224.

1606. Humphrey, C.A., D. W. Klumpp and N. Raethke, 2004
Ambon Damsel (Pomacentrus amboinensis) as a Bioindicator Organism for the Great Barrier Reef: Responses to Chlorpyrifos.
Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 72:888–895

1607. Mullins, J., 1994
Ambon: A taste of eastern Indonesia.
Asian Diver 2(6):16-24.

1608. Anon, 1999
America Samoa's coral reefs overfished.
Environmental News Network, June 11, 1999

1609. Newell, N.D., 1958
American coral reefs.
Trans. N.Y. Acad. Sci. Ser. 2, 21(2):125-127.

1610. ANON, 2002
American Samoa 2000 Fishery Statistics.
American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources and the Western Pacific Fishery Information Network.

1611. Green, A., 2003
American Samoa bans destructive scuba fishery: the role of science and management.
Paper presented at the Second International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium (ITMEMS 2), Manilla, Philippines. March 24-27, 2003. Theme 11.

1612. US Department of Commerce, 1980
American Samoa Coastal Management Program and Final Environmental Impact Statement.
NOAA, Office of Coastal Zone Management, U.S. Department of Commerce.

1613. Aquatic Farms, Inc. and AECOS, Inc (AF and AECOS), 1980
American Samoa Coral Reef Inventory. Part A. Text. Part B. Atlas.
Prepared for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and American Samoa Development Planning Office, Honolulu. 314 p.

1614. Work, T. and R. Raymeyer., 2002
American Samoa reef health survey.
Report to US Fish and Wildlife Service by the US Geological Survey, Hawaii. 41 pp.

1615. Brainard, R., J. Asher, S. Balwani, P. Craig, S. Ferguson, J. Gove, J. Helyer, R. Hoeke, J. Kenyon, M. Lammers, E. Lundblad, F. Mancini, J. Maragons, J. Miller, R. Moffitt, S. Myhre, M. Nadon, B. Richards, J. Rooney, R. Schroeder, E. Smith, M. Timmers, B. Vargas- Angel, O. Vetter, S. Vogt, and P. Vroom., In Press
American Samoa Report of the PIFSC-CRED monitoring program.
PIFSC-CRED monitoring program.

1616. SPREP, 1980
American Samoa. Country Report 1.
South Pacific Commission, Noumea, New Caledonia.

1617. Craig, P., Editor, 1995
American Samoa: Natural history and conservation topics.
Biol. Rep. Ser, Rep. 67(2).

1618. Setchell, W.A., 1924
American Samoa: Part 1. Vegetation of Tutuila Island. Part 2. Ethnobotany of the Samoans. Part 3. Vegetation of Rose Atoll
Carnegie Inst. Wash. Publ. 413, Pap. Tortugas Lab. 20:1-275.

1619. McAuley, P.J., 1993
Amino acid content of zooxanthellae freshly isolated from Pocillopora damicornis,
p. 382. In: R.H. Richmond (ed.) Proceedings of the 7th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. University of Guam Press, UOG Station, Guam. (abstract)

1620. McAuley, P.J., 1994
Amino acid content off zooxanthellae freshly isolated from Pocillopora damicornis.
Pac. Sci. 48(3):247-257.

1621. Fitzgerald, L.M. and A.M. Szmant, 1988
Amino acid metabolism: adaptations to low nutrient conditions?
p. 5-9. In Choat, J.H., D. Barnes, MA. Borowitzka, J.C. Coll, P.J.Davies, P. Flood, B.G. Hatcher, D. Hopley, P.A. Hutchings, D. Kinsey, G.R. Orme, M. Pichon, P.F. Sale, P. Sammarco, C.C. Wallace, C. Wilkinson, E. Wolanski and O. Bellwood (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Coral Reef Symposium: Vol. 3: Contributed Papers. Townsville, Australia.

1622. Hearty, P.J. and G. Dai Pra, 1985
Aminostratigraphy and 230-Th-234-U dating of quaternary shorelines in the Puglia region of Southeast Italy.
p. 163-170 in Gabrie, C., J. L Toffart and B. Salvat (Eds.) Proceedings Of The Fifth International Coral Reef Congress. Tahiti, 27 May -1 June 1985. Vol. 3 : Symposia and Seminars (A).

1623. Bishop, J.W. and O.W. Duckworth, 1997
Ammonium affinity of sediments in ENCORE microatolls,
p. 877-880. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

1624. Dy, D.T. and H.T. Yap, 2000
Ammonium and phosphate excretion in three common echinoderms from Philippine coral reefs.
J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 251:227-238.

1625. Mokady, O., Y. Loya and B. Lazar, 1998
Ammonium contribution from boring bivalves to their coral host--a mutualistic symbiosis?
Marine Ecology Progress Series 169:295-301

1626. Uthicke, S. and D.W. Klump, 1997
Ammonium excretion by holothurians enhances production and turnover of benthic diatom communities,
p. 873-876. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

1627. Rahav, O., Dubinsky, Z., Achituv, Y. & Falkowski, P.G., 1989
Ammonium metabolism in the zooxanthellae coral, {Stylophora} {pistillata}.
Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 236:325-337

1628. Kawaguti, S., 1953
Ammonium metabolism of reef corals.
Biol. J. Okayama Univ. 1:171-176

1629. Thomas, F.I.M. and M.J. Atkinson, 1997
Ammonium uptake by coral reefs: Effects of water velocity and surface roughness on mass transfer.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 42:81-88.

1630. Muscatine, L., Musuda, H. & Burnap, R., 1979
Ammonium uptake by symbiotic and aposymbiotic reef corals.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 29:572-575

1631. Myers, A.A., 1986
Amphipoda from the South Pacific: Niue Island
J. Nat. Hist.

1632. Hallock-Muller, P., 1995
Amphistegina (Foraminiferida) Densities as a Practical, Reliable, Low-Cost Indicator of Coral Reef Vitality
In Crosby, M.P., G.R. Gibson, and K.W. Potts (eds). 1996. A Coral Reef Symposium on Practical, Reliable, Low Cost Monitoring Methods for Assessing the Biota and Habitat Conditions of Coral Reefs, January 26-27, 1995. Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD.

1633. Uthicke, S. and C. Conand, 2005
Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis indicates the importance of both asexual and sexual reproduction in the fissiparous holothurian Stichopus chloronotus (Aspidochirotida) in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.
Coral Reefs Volume 24, Number 1: 103 - 111

1634. GBRMPA, 1985

1635. Digerfeldt, G. and M.D. Hendry, 1987
An 800 year Holocene sea-level record from Jamaica: implications for interpretation of Caribbean reef and coast history.
Coral Reefs 5(4):165-169.

1636. Erdmann, M., 1995
An ABC guide to coral reef fisheries in southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Naga, ICLARM Q. 18(2):4-6.

1637. Wielgus, J., D. Glassom, O. Ben-Shaprut and N. Chadwick-Furman, 2002
An aberrant growth form of Red Sea corals caused by polychaete infestations.
Coral Reefs Volume 21, Number 3:315 - 316

1638. Kawaguti, S., 1940
An abundance of reef-coral planulae in the plankton.
Zool. Mag. (Tokyo) 52:31

1639. Brown, B.E., S.M. Evans, M.C. Holley and L. Sya'rani, 1981
An academic link between the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) and the University of Diponegoro (Java). Studies on the coral communities of the Pulau Pari complex
Proceedings Ocean. Expo. Bordeaux, France.

1640. Sewell, S., 1936
An account of Addu Atoll (Maldives)
Scient. Rept. John Murray Exped. 1933-1934

1641. Sewell, S., 1936
An account of Horsburgh or Goifurfehendu Atoll (Maldives)
Scient. Rept. John Murray Exped. 1933-1934

1642. Gray, J., 1847
An Account Of Palolo, Sea Worm Eaten In The Navigator Islands.
Proceedings Of The Zoological Society Of London 15: 17-18.

1643. Mather, P., 1974
An account of the Second International Symposium of Coral Reef.
pp. 741-744. Cameron, A.M., B.M. Cambell, A.B. Cribb, R.Endean, J.S. Jell, O.A. Jones, P. Mather and F.H. Talbot (eds.). Proceedings of the Second International Coral Reef Symposium. Vol. 2. The Great Barrier Reef Committee, Brisbane, Australia.

1644. Sivada, P., B. Narayanan and K. Sivaprasad, 1983
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (266): 15 pp

1645. Lee, W. S., G. Chong and M. P. Abdullah, 2000
An Acoustic Approach to Resource Mapping of Pulau Payar’s Coral Reef.

1646. Congress of the Philippines, 1998
An act providing for the development, management and conservation of the fisheries and aquatic resources, integrating all laws pretinent thereto, and for other purposes
(Republic Act No. 8550 - Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998)

1647. Hatta, M., 2005
An affair in the morning after mass spawning.
Coral Reefs Volume 24, Number 1: 102

1648. Choat, J.H., D. R. Robertson, J. L. Ackerman and J. M. Posada, 2003
An age-based demographic analysis of the Caribbean stoplight parrotfish Sparisoma viride.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 246:265-277

1649. Jeffrey, C. F. G., and C. A. Jennings., 1999
An Alternative View on Estimating Subsistence Consumption of Coral Reef Fishes in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Conservation Biology: Volume 13, Issue 4, Page 939, Aug 1999.

1650. Glynn, P.W., 1984
An amphinomid worm predator of the Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star and general predation on asteroids in Eastern and Western Pacific coral reefs.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 35(1):54-71.

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