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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

1501. Hambler, C., 1985
Aldabra: an ecological experiment - conserving Aldabra's future
The Geographical Magazine

1502. Stobart, B., R. Buckley, L. LeClair, K.Teleki, N. Downing, D. Souter and M. Callow, 2002
Aldabra: Monitoring the Path to Recovery.
in Linden, O., D. Souter, D. Wilhelmsson, and D. Obura (eds.). Coral degradation in the Indian Ocean: Status Report 2002. CORDIO, Department of Biology and Environmental Science, University of Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden.pp 232-248

1503. Stobart, B., R. Buckley, L.LeClair, K. Teleki, N. Downing, D. Souter and M. Callow,, 2001
Aldabra: monitoring the path to recovery. Phase II.
Report of the Aldabra Marine Program. (see www.aldabra.org).

1504. Rifai, M.M.Al, 1980
ALECSO's message to the Symposium
Proceedings of the Symposium on Coastal and Marine Environment of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Tropical Western Indian Ocean, Khartoum, 9-14 January 1980.

1505. Chew, W.L., 1986
Aleipata Marine National Park (Western Samoa): a feasibility study.
Report to Unesco

1506. Fairbridge, R.W. and H.B. Stewart, 1960
Alexa Bank, a drowned atoll on the Melanesian border plateau.
Deep Sea Research

1507. Borowitzka, M. A, 1981
Algae and grazing in coral reef ecosystems.
Endeavour, New Ser. 5:381-388.

1508. Natour R.M., J. Gerloff and M. Nizamuddin, 1979
Algae from the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan: 1. Chlorophyceae and Phaeophyceae. 2. Rhodophyceae
Nova Hedwigia

1509. Wray, J.L., 1971
Algae in reefs through time.
E.L. Yochelson (Ed), Proc. N. Amer. Paleont. Conv. J:1358-1373.

1510. Cribb, A.B., 1973
Algae in the Great Barrier Reefs,
p. 47-75. In: O.A. Jones and R. Endean (eds.) Biology and Geology of Coral Reefs, Vol. 2. Biology 1, Academic Press, New York, 480 p.

1511. Wilkins, S.,
p. 143 - 153. In: C. Birkeland, R.H. Randall, A. Green, B.D. Smith and S. Wilkins (eds.) Reassessment of the Marine Resources of Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Report to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Depart of Comm.

1512. Vroom, P.S., K.N. Page, J.C. Kenyon, and R.E. Brainard, 2006
Algae-Dominated Reefs
Am. Sci. 94: 430-437pp

1513. Diaz-Pulido, G. and J.M. Diaz, 1997
Algal assemblages in lagoonal reefs of the Caribbean Oceanic atolls,
p. 827-832. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

1514. Burgess, S.C., 2006
Algal blooms on coral reefs with low anthropogenic impact in the Great Barrier Reef.
Coral Reefs Volume 25, Number 3: 390

1515. Borowitzka, M.A., 1977
Algal calcification.
Oceanogr. Mar. Biol. Ann. Rev. 15:189-223

1516. Chapman, V.J., 1955
Algal collection from Funafuti Atoll
Pac. Sci.

1517. Kamura, S. and S. Choonhabandit, 1986
Algal communities within territories of the damselfish Stegastes apicalis and the effects of grazing by the sea urchin Diadema spp. in the Gulf of Thailand
Galaxea 5(1):175-193.

1518. Payri, C.E., 1993
Algal community of a French Polynisian reefal system, spatial distribution and temporal variations,
p. 895. In: R.H. Richmond (ed.) Proceedings of the 7th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. University of Guam Press, UOG Station, Guam. (abstract)

1519. Nugues, M.M., G.W. Smith, R.J. van Hooidonk, M.I. Seabra and R.P.M. Bak, 2004
Algal contact as a trigger for coral disease.
Ecology Letters 7:919-923

1520. Anon, 1981
Algal distribution in a Malaysian coral reef at Pulau Bidong Laut.
Pertanika 4(1):99-102.

1521. McCook, L. and I.R. Price, 1997
Algal distributions on the Great Barrier Reef: a review of patterns and causes.
Proceedings National Conference, the Great Barrier Reef Science, Use and Management, Townsville.

1522. Kennedy, D.M. and C. D. Woodroffe, 2004
Algal encrustation and the interpretation of radiocarbon dating of coral clasts.
Coral Reefs Volume 23, Number 4: 509 - 513

1523. Donaldson, A. and B. A. Whitton, 1977
Algal Flora of Freshwater Habitats on Aldabra
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (215): 28 pp

1524. McClanahan, T.R., B. A. Cokos and E. Sala, 2002
Algal growth and species composition under experimental control of herbivory, phosphorus and coral abundance in Glovers Reef, Belize.
Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 6: 441-451

1525. Semple, S., 1997
Algal Growth on Two Dections of a Fringing Coral Reef Subject to Different Levels of Eutrophication in Reunion Island.
Oceanologica Acta Volume 20, Issue6: 851-861

1526. Semple, S., 1997
Algal growth on two sections of a fringing coral reef subject to different levels of eutrophication in Reunion Island.
Oceanologica Acta 20 (6): 851-861.

1527. Coll, J.C., Price, I.R., Konig, G.M., Bowden, B.F., 1987
Algal overgrowth of alcyonacean soft corals.
Mar. Biol. 96:129-136

1528. Klumpp, D.W. and N.V.C. Polunin, 1990
Algal production, grazers and habitat partitioning on a coral reef: positive correlation between grazing rate and food availability,
p. 372-388. In: M. Barnes and R.N. Gibson (eds.) Trophic Relationships in the Marine Environment.

1529. Littler, M.M., P.R. Taylor and D.S. Littler, 1983
Algal resistance to herbivory on a Caribbean barrier reef.
Coral Reefs 2(2):111-118.

1530. Adey, W.H., 1978
Algal ridges of the Caribbean Sea and West Indies.
Phycologia 17:361-367.

1531. Kott, P., 1977
Algal support didemnid ascidians of the Great Barrier Reef.
p. 615-622 in D.L. Taylor (ed.). Proceedings of Third International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1: Biology. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Miami, Florida.

1532. Singh, A.P. & Mercer, E.H., 1976
Algal symbiont of a soft coral.
J. Phycol. 12:464-467

1533. Hallock, P., 1981
Algal synthesis: a methematical analysis.
Mar. Biol. 62:249-255

1534. Morse, D.E., Morse, A., Duncan, H. & Trench, R.K., 1981
Algal tumors in the Caribbean Octocorallian, {Gorgonia} {ventalina}: II. Biochemical characterization of the algae, and first epidemiological observations.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 31:399-409

1535. Morse D.E., A.N.C. Morse and H. Duncan, 1977
Algal tumors in the Caribbean sea fan Gorgonia ventalina.
p. 623-629 in D.L. Taylor (ed.). Proceedings of Third International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1: Biology. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Miami, Florida.

1536. Morse D.E., A Morse, H. Duncan & R.K. Trench, 1981
Algal tumours in the Caribbean Octocorallian, Gorgonia ventalina: II. Biochemical characterization of the algae, and first epidemiological observations.
BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE, 1981, Vol.31, No.2, pp.399-409

1537. van den Hoek, C., F. Colyn, A.M. Cortel-Breeman and J.B.W. Wanders, 1972
Algal vegetation types along the shores of inner bays and lagoons of Curaçao and of the Lagoon Lac (Bonaire), Netherlands Antilles.
Verh. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wet. Afd. Natuurkunde 2, 61(2):1-72.

1538. van den Hoek, C., A.M. Cortel-Breeman and J.B. Wanders, 1975
Algal zonation in the fringing coral reef of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, in relation to zonation of corals and gorgonians.
Aquatic Botany 1:269-308.

1539. Vacelet, J., 1982
Algal-sponge symbioses in the coral reefs of New Caledonia: a morphological study,
p. 713-719. In: E.D. Gomez, C.E. Birkeland, R.W. Buddemeier, R.E. Johannes, J.A. Marsh, Jr. and R.T. Tsuda (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Marine Science Center, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines.

1540. Levitan, D.R., 1988
Algal-urchin biomass responses following the mass mortality of the sea urchin Diadema antillarum Philippi at St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 119: 167-178.

1541. Huerta, L. and A. Garza, 1965
Algas marinas de la Barra de Tuxpan y de los arrecifes Blanquilla y Lobos.
An. Esc. Nal. Cienc. Biol. (México) 13:5-12.

1542. Olivares, M.A. and A.B. Leonard, 1971
Algunos corales pétreos de la Bahia de Mochima, Venezuela.
Bol. Inst. Oceanogr. Univ. Oriente 10(1):49-70.

1543. Hermes, R., 1999
Alibijaban Fish Sanctuary.
Coral Reef Atlas of the Philippines Online Edition. http://msi01.cs.upd.edu.ph/philreefs/atlas/alib.html.

1544. Sierra, L.M., R. Claro and O.A. Popova., 1994
Alimentacion y relaciones tróficas.
p. 263-284. In Rodolfo Claro (ed.) Ecología de los Peces Marinos de Cuba. Instituto de Oceanología Academia de Ciencias de Cuba and Centro de Investigaciones de Quintana Roo, Mexico.

1545. Coates, M. Connell, D.W., Bodero, J., Miller, G.J. & Back, R., 1986
Aliphatic hydrocarbons in Great Barrier Reef organisms and environment.
Est. Coastal Shelf Sci. 23:99-113

1546. Trebble, G.W. and M.H.Schleyer, 1999
Aliwal Shoal Protected Seascape: Management and development plan.
Unpublished Report, 29p.

1547. Hoyte, D.A.N., 1960
Alizarin as an indicator of bone growth.
J. Anat. 94(3):432-442.

1548. Lamberts, A.E., 1973
Alizarin deposition by corals.
PhD dissertation, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 163pp

1549. Atkinson, M.J., 1987
Alkaline phosphatase activity in coral reef benthos.
Coral Reefs 6(2):59-62

1550. Kinsey, D.W., 1978
Alkalinity changes and coral reef calcification.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 23:989-991

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