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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

151. Berkelmans, R., G. Death, S. Kininmonth and W. J. Skirving, 2004
A comparison of the 1998 and 2002 coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef: spatial correlation, patterns, and predictions.
Coral Reefs Volume 23, Number 1: 74 - 83

152. McClanahan, T.R., 2002
A comparison of the ecology of shallow subtidal gastropods between western Indian Ocean and Caribbean coral reefs.
Coral Reefs 21: 399-406

153. Coles, S.L., 1975
A Comparison of the effects of temperature versus temperature fluctuations on reef corals at Kahe Point, Oahu.
Pac. Sci. 29:15-18

154. Muscatine, L., L.R. McCloskey and Y. Loya, 1985
A comparison of the growth rates of zooxanthellae and animal tissue in the Red Sea coral Stylophora pistillata.
p. 119-124. In: C. Gabrie and M. Harmelin (assoc. eds.). Proceedings of The Fifth International Coral Reef Congress. Tahiti, 27 May -1 June 1985. Vol. 6: Miscellaneous Paper (B).

155. Patton, J.S., Battey, J.F., Rigler, M.N., Porter, J.W. Black, C.C, & Burris, J.E, 1983
A comparison of the metabolism of bicarbonate 14C and acetate 1-14c and the variability of species lipid composition in reef corals.
Mar. Biol. 75:121-130

156. Babcock, R.C., 1986
A comparison of the population ecology of reef flat corals of the family Faviidae ({Goniastrea, Platygyra}).
PhD Thesis, James Cook University, 163pp

157. Harvey, E., D. Fletcher and M. Shortis, 2001
A comparison of the precision and accuracy of estimates of reef-fish lengths determined visually by divers with estimates produced by a stereo-video system.
Fish. Bull. (US). 99:63-71

158. Stochaj, W.R. and A.R. Grossman, 1997
A comparison of the protein profiles of cultured and endosymbiotic Symbiodinum bermudense from the anemone Aiptasia pallida,
p. 1325-1330. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

159. Bohnsack, J.A., 2000
A Comparison Of The Short-Term Impacts Of No-Take Marine Reserves And Minimum Size Limits
Bulletin Of Marine Science, 66(3): 635–650

160. Percharde, P.L., 1977
A comparison of the Strombus (Mollusca) colonies of Trinidad and Grenada.
Living World (J. Field Nat. Club Trin. and Tob.) 1977:18-20.

161. Yoshioka, P.M. & Yoshioka, B.B., 1991
A comparison of the survivorship and growth of shallow-water gorgonian species of Puerto Rico
Marine Ecology Progress Series 69:253-260

162. Bortone, S.A., J.J. Kimmel, and C.M. Bundrick., 1989
A comparison of three methods for visually assessing reef fish communities: time and area compensated.
Northeast Gulf Sci. 10: 85-96.

163. Mingoa, S.S.M. and L.A.B. Meñez, 1988
A comparison of two benthic survey methods.
Mar. Biol. 99:133-138.

164. Wallace, C.C., 1983
A comparison of two consecutive spring-summer juvenile coral recruitment seasons on a reef front.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 33:783 (Abstract).

165. Mendes, J.M., 1993
A comparison of two coral reef survey methods: Point-line transects and photographic transects (Abstract),
p. 165. In: R.H. Richmond (ed.) Proceedings of the 7th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. University of Guam Press, UOG Station, Guam.

166. Sanderson, S.L. & Solonsky, A.C., 1980
A comparison of two visual census survey techniques for fish populations.
Pac. Sci. 34:337

167. Done, T.J., 1977
A comparison of units of cover in ecological classifications of coral communities,
p. 9-13. In: D.L. Taylor (ed.) Proceedings of Third International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1: Biology. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Miami, Florida.

168. Tambutte, E., D. Allemand, E. Mueller and J. Jaubert, 1996
A compartmental approach to the mechanism of calcification in hermatypic corals
J. Exp. Biol. , 199: 1029 - 1041.

169. Natural Resources Management Center (NRMC), 1983
A compilation of laws pertaining to the management and reservation of national parks.
Study on National Park Legislation. Resource Policy and Strategic Research Division/2, Natural Resources Management Center, Manila, Philippines.

170. Marine Park/Reserve Development Program (MPRDP), 1986
A compilation of marine park/reserves related legislation.
Natural Resources Management Center (draft).

171. ReefBase, 1995
A compilation of the ReefBase coastal tourism survey (1995).
ReefBase files.

172. Chadwick-Furman, N. and B. Rinkevich, 1994
A complex allorecognition system in a reef-building coral: delayed responses, reversals and nontransitive hierarchies.
Coral Reefs 13(1):57-63.

173. Utzurrum, R.C.B., J.O. Seamon, and K. Sehletz Saili, 2006
A comprehensive strategy for wildlife conservation in American Samoa
Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, Government of American Samoa. Pago Pago, American Samoa. 109 pp.

174. McCloskey, L.R., L.D. Aamodt and W.D. Hazelton, 1985
A computer-controlled respirometer for monitoring production and respiration of symbiotic organisms in situ.
p. 137-143. In: C. Gabrie and M. Harmelin (assoc. eds.). Proceedings of The Fifth International Coral Reef Congress. Tahiti, 27 May -1 June 1985. Vol. 6: Miscellaneous Paper (B).

175. Abramovitch-Gottlib, L., D. Katoshevski and R. Vago, 2002
A computerized tank system for studying the effect of temperature on calcification of reef organisms.
Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods Volume 50, Issues 2-3: 245-252

176. McIntosh, G.S., Jr., 1982
A concept for artificial reefs as fishery management tools in the United States,
p. 99-103. In: E.D. Gomez, C.E. Birkeland, R.W. Buddemeier, R.E. Johannes, J.A. Marsh, Jr. and R.T. Tsuda (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. Marine Sciences Center, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines.

177. WWF-US, 2002
A Conservation Decade for Tropical Oceans
WWF-US, 1250 24th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037, USA.

178. WWF Malaysia, 1984
A conservation strategy for Kedah.
A report submitted to the State Government of Kedah.

179. WWF Malaysia, 1983
A conservation strategy for Trengganu.
A report submitted to the State Government of Negeri Sembilan.

180. S. McMellor, 2007
A Conservation Value Index to facilitate coral reef evaluation and assessment
Coral Reef Research Unit, University of Essex

181. Steve McMellor, 2007
A Conservation Value Index to facilitate coral reef evaluation and assessment
Coral Reef Research Unit

182. M. H. Schleyer and L. Celliers, 2002
A Consideration of the Biodiversity and Future of Southern African Coral Reefs.
in Linden, O., D. Souter, D. Wilhelmsson, and D. Obura (eds.). Coral degradation in the Indian Ocean: Status Report 2002. CORDIO, Department of Biology and Environmental Science, University of Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden.pp 83-90

183. Schleyer, M.H. and L. Celliers, in press b
A consideration of the biodiversity and future of southern African coral reefs.
CORDIO Handbook

184. Birkeland, C., 1984
A contrast in methodologies between surveying and testing,
p. 11-26. In: Comparing Coral Reef Survey Methods. UNESCO Reports in Marine Science No. 21.

185. Belk, M.S., 1971
A contribution to the comparitive ecology of Pomacentrus lividus and Pomacentrus albofasciatus (Pisces: Pomacentridae) Tumon Bay, Guam.
University of Guam, M.S. Thesis.

186. Griffiths, M.H. and P.C. Heemstra., 1995
A contribution to the taxonomy of the marine fish genus Argyrosomus (Perciformes: Sciaenidae), with descriptions of two new species from southern Africa.
Ichthyol. Bull., J.L.B. Smith Inst. Ichthyol. 65:1-40.

187. Paine, R. T., 1995
A conversation of refining the concept of keystone species
Conservation Biology

188. Zann, L.P. and P.J. Moran, 1988
A coordination research program on the Acanthaster phenomenon on the Great Barrier Reef,
p. 177-182. In Choat, J.H., D. Barnes, MA. Borowitzka, J.C. Coll, P.J.Davies, P. Flood, B.G. Hatcher, D. Hopley, P.A. Hutchings, D. Kinsey, G.R. Orme, M. Pichon, P.F. Sale, P. Sammarco, C.C. Wallace, C. Wilkinson, E. Wolanski and O. Bellwood (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Coral Reef Symposium: Vol. 2: Contributed Papers. Townsville, Australia.

189. Salvat, B., 1996
A coral bleaching episode in French Polynesia.
Owner-coral-list (pol@univ-perp.fr)

190. Pennisi, E., 2002
A Coral by Any Other Name ...
Science 296: 1949-1950

191. Jameson, S.C., M.S.A. Ammar, E. Saadalla, H.M. Mostafa and B. Riegl, 1999
A coral damage index and its application to diving sites in the Egyptian Red Sea. Special issue on The Science of Coral Reef Management.
Coral Reefs 18(4):333-339.

192. Ross, A. & Newman, W.A., 1969
A coral eating barnacle.
Pac. Sci. 23:252-256

193. Marsden, J.R., 1962
A coral eating polychaete.
Nature 193:598.

194. McClanahan, T. R., 1995
A coral reef ecosystem-fisheries model: impacts of fishing intensity and catch selection on reef structure and processes.
Ecological Modelling Vol.80 :119

195. Lewis, A.D., 1988
A coral reef fishery for aquarium fish - the Fiji experience.
Workshop on Inshore Fishery Resources. BP 31, South Pacific Commission, Noumea, New Caledonia.

196. Mather, P. and I. Bennett, Editors, 1993
A Coral Reef Handbook: a guide to the geology, flora and fauna of the Great Barrier Reef.
The Australian Coral Reef Society, Handbook Series No. 1, 3rd ed., 264 p.

197. Baker, J.R., 1925
A coral reef in the New Hebrides.
Proceedings Zoological Society of London, 1007-1019.

198. Walters, C., 1980
A coral reproduction in an aquarium.
Underwat. Nat., 12(3):22-34.

199. Rasmussen, C.E., S.E. Ness and C. Cuff, 1993
A correlation between the El Niño Southern Oscillation and crystallographic variability in corals of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia,
p. 211-220. In: R.H. Richmond (ed.) Proceedings of the 7th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 1. University of Guam Press, UOG Station, Guam.

200. Munro, J. L., 1983
A cost effective data acquisition system for assessment and management of tropical multispecies, multigear fisheries..
Fishbyte Vol.1 (1) :7-12

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