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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

1351. Fautin, D.F. and R. W. Buddemeier, 2004
Adaptive bleaching: a general phenomenon.
Hydrobiologia Volume 530-531, Issue 1 : 459-467

1352. Solbrig, O.T., 1987
Adaptive characteristics of leaves with special reference to violets.
In: P. Calow (ed), Evolutionary Physiological Ecology, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 127-150

1353. Field, S. F., M.Y. Bulina, I.V. Kelmanson, J.P. Bielawski and M.V. Matz, 2006
Adaptive evolution of multi-colored fluorescent proteins in reef-building corals.
J. Mol. Evol. 62: 332-339.

1354. Field, S.F., M. Y. Bulina, I. V. Kelmanson, J. P. Bielawski and M. V. Matz, 2006
Adaptive Evolution of Multicolored Fluorescent Proteins in Reef-Building Corals.
Journal of Molecular Evolution Volume 62, Number 3: 332 - 339

1355. Bennett, J., P. Lawrence, R. Johnstone and R. Shaw, 2005
Adaptive management and its role in managing Great Barrier Reef water quality.
Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 51, Issues 1-4: 70-75

1356. Tissot, B., 1999
Adaptive Management of Aquarium Fish Collection in Hawaii.
SPC Live Reef Fish Information Bulletin 6: 16-19.

1357. McCook, L. J et.al, 2010
Adaptive management of the Great Barrier Reef: A globally significant demonstration of the benefits of networks of marine reserves
Proc Natl Acad Sci (PNAS),107(43):18278-85.

1358. Sebens, K.P., 1997
Adaptive responses to water flow: morphology, energetics and distribution of reef corals,
p. 1053-1058. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

1359. Saigusa, M., 1981
Adaptive significance of a semilunar rhythm in the terrestrial crab {Sesarma}.
Biol. Bull. 160:311-321.

1360. Jackson, J.B.C. and T.P. Hughes, 1985
Adaptive strategies of coral-reef invertebrates.
Amer. Scientist 73:265-274.

1361. Acosta, C. A., M. J. Butler, 1999
Adaptive strategies that reduce predation on Caribbean spiny lobster postlarvae during onshore transport.
Limnology and Oceanography [Limnol. Oceanogr.]. Vol.44 (3) :494-501

1362. Lowenstam, H.A., 1967
Adaptive traits in skeletal morphology in:
in: O. Bandy, J.C. Ingle, P.R. Lankfork & H.A. Lowenstam (eds), 'Am. Geol. Inst. short course lecture notes, paleoecology.' HL1-HL13. Am. Geol. Inst. Washington

1363. Blackmore, M.S. & Charnov, E.L., 1989
Adaptive variation in environmental sex determintation in a nematode.
Amer. Nat. 134:815-823

1364. Harroy, J.P., 1972
Addendum and corrigendum to 2nd Ed. of UN List of National Parks and Equivalent Protected Areas
Hayez, Brussels

1365. Arunothai, N., P. N. Pombejra and J. Buntowtook , 2008
Additional and Alternative Occupations for the Urak Lawoi Sea Nomads of Phuket, Thailand
In Obura, D.O., Tamelander, J., & Linden, O. (Eds) (2008). Ten years after bleaching - facing the consequences of climate change in the Indian Ocean.CORDIO Status Report 2008. Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean/Sida-SAREC. Mombasa.

1366. Nature Conservation Bureau, Environment Agency, 1973
Additional designation of marine park zone -- Document from Nature Conservation Bureau Environment Agency.
Marine parks Journal, 31: pp 9-12 (in Japanese)

1367. Tsuda, R.T., P.S. Vroom, I.A. Abbott, J.R. Fisher, and K.B. Foster., 2008
Additional marine benthic algae from Howland Island and Baker Island, Central Pacific.
Pac. Sci.

1368. Scott, K., 1998
Additional moorings to help protect sensitive Whitsunday sites
Reef Research. GBRMPA. Vol. 8, No. 3-4, p. 14

1369. Hertlein, L.G. and W.K. Emerson, 1957
Additional notes on the invertebrate fauna of Clipperton I.
Amer. Mus. Novit.

1370. Emerson, W.K. and W.E. Old, 1964
Additional records from Cocos Island.
The Nautilus 77(3):90-92.

1371. Tsuda, R. T. and M. S. Belk, 1972
Additional Records of Marine Benthic Algae from Yap, Western Caroline Islands
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (156): 6 pp

1372. Tsuda, R.T. and M.S. Belk, 1972
Additional records of marine benthic algae from Yap, western Caroline Islands.
Atoll Res. Bull. 156:1-5.

1373. Fosberg, F. R., 1959
Additional records of phanerogams from the northern Marshall Islands
Atoll Research Bulletin, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. (68): 10 pp

1374. Heemstra, P.C., 1995
Additions and corrections for the 1995 impression.
p. v - xv. In M.M. Smith and P.C. Heemstra (eds.) Revised Edition of Smiths' Sea Fishes. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

1375. Wellington, G.M., 1973
Additions to the Atlantic benthic flora of Costa Rica.
Brenesia 2:17-20.

1376. McKay, R.J., 1967
Additions to the fish fauna of Western Australia.
West. Aust. Nat. 10:92-95.

1377. Sumaila, U.R., S. Guenette, J. Adler, and R. Chuenpagdee, 2000
Addressing ecosystem effects of fishing using marine protected areas.
ICES Journal of Marine Sciences 57:752-760.

1378. Sturm, Paul, Roberto Viqueira, Rob Ferguson, Tom Moore, 2012
Addressing land based sources of pollution in Guanica, Puerto Rico
Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012

1379. Bell, J.D., B.D. Ratner, I. Stobutzki, J. Oliver, 2006
Addressing the coral reef crisis in developing countries
Ocean & Coastal Management 49 (2006) 976–985

1380. Dahl, A.L., 1985
Adequacy of coverage of protected areas in Oceania.
Report of the 3rd South Pacific National Parks and Reserves Conference, Apia 2:2-8.

1381. Munk, W.M. and M.S. Sargent, 1954
Adjustment of Bikini Atoll to ocean waves.
US Geol. Surv. Prof. Pap. 260-C:275-280.

1382. Ruddle, K., 1987
Administration and conflict management in Japanese coastal fisheries
FAO Fish. Tech. Pap. 273, 93 p.

1383. UK Hydrographic Office, 1984
Admiralty Chart No. 1844. Brunei Bay and Approaches.
Admiralty, London.

1384. De Meyer, K. and F. Simal, 2003
Admission fees: opportunities and challenges of using admission fees as a funding source at a small scale, tourism dependant MPA: case study of the Bonaire National Marine Park, Bonaire.
Paper presented at the Second International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium (ITMEMS 2), Manilla, Philippines. March 24-27, 2003. Theme 04.

1385. Konow,N., R. Fitzpatrick and A. Barnett, 2006
Adult Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) clean Giant sunfishes (Mola mola) at Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.
Coral Reefs Volume 25, Number 2: 208

1386. Rocha, L.A., A. L Bass, D. R. Robertson, and B. W Bowen., 2002
Adult habitat preferences, larval dispersal, and the comparative phylogeography of three Atlantic surgeonfishes (Teleostei: Acanthuridae).
Molecular Ecology 11 (2), 243-251.

1387. Reaka-Kudla, M.L., 1987
Adult-juvenile interactions in benthic reef crustaceans.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 41:108-134.

1388. Richard, G., 1974
Adusta (Cribraria) bernardi sp. n. (Mesogastropoda, Cypraeidae) des îles de la Société et les porcelaines de la Polynésie française
Bull. Soc. Et. Océan.

1389. Brown, B.E., Editor, 1987
Advanced Training in Human Induced Damage to Coral Reefs.
UNESCO Reports in Marine Science.

1390. Borneman, E.H., J.Lowrie, 1999
Advances in captive husbandry and propagation: An easily utilized reef replenishment means from the private sector.
In: Proceedings of the International Conference of Scientific Aspects of Coral Reef Assessment, monitoring, and Restoration. Fort Lauderdale, Florida: April 14-16, 1999. Pp 897

1391. Halas, J.C., 1997
Advances in environmental mooring technology,
p. 1995-2000. In: H.A. Lessios and I.G. Macintyre (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.

1392. Rimmer, M.A., S. McBride and K.C. Williams, 2004
Advances in Grouper Acquaculture.
ACIAR Monograph 110. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra.

1393. Agardy, M. T., 1994
Advances in marine conservation: The role of marine protected areas.
Trends in Ecology & Evolution . 9(7):267-270.

1394. Alder, J., N., Sloan and H. Uktolseya., 1994
Advances in marine protected area management in Indonesia: 1988-1993
Ocean and Coastal Management, 25: 63-75

1395. International Society for Reef Studies & Atlantic Coral Reef Committee, 1984
Advances in Reef Sciences
Abstracts of apapers

1396. Brown, O.B. & Cheney, R.E., 1983
Advances in satellite oceanography.
Rev. Geophys. Sp. Phys., 21:1216-1230

1397. Lovatelli, A., C. Conand, S. Purcell, S. Uthicke, J.-F. Hamel and A. Mercier, 2004
Advances in sea cucumber aquaculture and management.
FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 463. FAO, Rome. 425p.

1398. L.Camilli, O.Pizarro and R.Camilli, 2008
Advancing spatial-temporal continuity in coral reef ecosystem pattern detection: The morphology, distribution and chemical environments of coral habitats encompassing Coiba National Park, Panamá.
Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 7-11 July 2008. Vol. 1: 522-526 (Session number 16)

1399. Power, J.H., 1984
Advection, diffusion, and drift migrations of larval fish.
In: J.D. McCleave, G.P. Arnold, J.J. Dodson & W.H. Neill (eds), Mechanisms of Migration in Fishes. Plenum Press, N.Y., pp27-37.

1400. Parslow, J.S. & Gabric, A.J., 1989
Advection, dispersal and plankton patchiness on the Great Barrier Reef.
Aust. J. Mar. Freshw. Res. 40:403-419

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