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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

1251. Emeras, J., M-P. Flaquet and C. Conand, 2004
Acanthaster planci on La Reunion Reefs (Western Indian Ocean).
Reef Encounter 32: 26-27

1252. Endean, R., 1974
Acanthaster planci on the Great Barrier Reef.
pp. 563-576. Cameron, A.M., B.M. Cambell, A.B. Cribb, R.Endean, J.S. Jell, O.A. Jones, P. Mather and F.H. Talbot (eds.). Proceedings of the Second International Coral Reef Symposium. Vol. 1. The Great Barrier Reef Committee, Brisbane, Australia.

1253. Pearson, R.G and R.N. Garrett, 1978
Acanthaster planci on the Great Barrier Reef: Swains Reefs and northern surveys in 1975.
Micronesica 14(2):259-272.

1254. Fukada, T. and I. Miyawaki., 1982
Acanthaster planci outbreak in Sekisei Lagoon, Yaeyama Archipelago.
Marine Parks Journal, 56: pp 10-13 (in Japanese)

1255. Hayashi, K. and T. Tatsuki, 1975
Acanthaster planci plague in Japan
Bull. Mar. Park Res. Stations

1256. Endean, R. and A.M. Cameron, 1990
Acanthaster planci population outbreaks,
p.419-437. In: Z. Dubinsky (ed) Ecosystems of the World, 25. Coral Reefs. Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Inc. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 550 p.

1257. Endean, R., A.M. Cameron and L.M. DeVantier, 1988
Acanthaster planci predation on massive corals: The myth of rapid recovery of devastated reefs,
p. 143-148. In Choat, J.H., D. Barnes, MA. Borowitzka, J.C. Coll, P.J.Davies, P. Flood, B.G. Hatcher, D. Hopley, P.A. Hutchings, D. Kinsey, G.R. Orme, M. Pichon, P.F. Sale, P. Sammarco, C.C. Wallace, C. Wilkinson, E. Wolanski and O. Bellwood (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th International Coral Reef Symposium: Vol. 2: Contributed Papers. Townsville, Australia.

1258. Owens, D., 1971
Acanthaster planci starfish in Fiji: survey of incidence and biological studies
Fiji Agric. J.

1259. JapanYamazato, K., 1969
Acanthaster planci, a coral predator
Kon-nichi no Ryuku 13

1260. Marsh, J.A. and P.G. Bryan, 1972
Acanthaster planci, Crown-of-thorns Starfish. Resurvey of Palau
University of Guam Marine Laboratory, Misc. Report 7

1261. Glynn, P.W., 1982
Acanthaster population regulation by a shrimp and a worm,
p. 607-612. In: E.D. Gomez, C.E. Birkeland, R.W. Buddemeier, R.E. Johannes, J.A. Marsh, Jr. and R.T. Tsuda (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2. Marine Science Center, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines.

1262. Wilson, B.R. and L. Marsh, 1974
Acanthaster srudies on a Western Australian coral reef.
pp. 621-630. Cameron, A.M., B.M. Cambell, A.B. Cribb, R.Endean, J.S. Jell, O.A. Jones, P. Mather and F.H. Talbot (eds.). Proceedings of the Second International Coral Reef Symposium. Vol. 1. The Great Barrier Reef Committee, Brisbane, Australia.

1263. Glynn, P.W., 1973
Acanthaster: effect on coral reef growth in Panama.
Science 180:504-506

1264. Zimmerman, L.S. & Cuffey, R.J., 1985
Acanthoclad-Fenestrate-Trepostome frame-thickets (Permian, West Texas), a model for late Paleozoic Bryozoan reefs.
p. 587-592. In: C. Gabrie and M. Harmelin (assoc. eds.). Proceedings of The Fifth International Coral Reef Congress. Tahiti, 27 May -1 June 1985. Vol. 6: Miscellaneous Paper (B).

1265. Randall, J.E., 1986
p. 811-823. In M.M. Smith and P.C. Heemstra (eds.) Smiths' sea fishes. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

1266. McWilliams,J.P., I. M. Cote, J. A. Gill, W. J. Sutherland and A. R. Watkinson, 2005
Accelerating Impacts Of Temperature-Induced Coral Bleaching In The Caribbean.
Ecology Vol. 86, No. 8, pp. 2055–2060.

1267. Waycotta, M., C.M. Duarte, T.J.B. Carruthers, R.J. Orth, W.C. Dennison, S. Olyarnik, A. Calladine, J.W. Fourqurean, K.L. Heck, Jr., A.R. Hughes, G.A. Kendrick, W.J. Kenworthy, F.T. Short, and S.L. Williams, 2008
Accelerating loss of seagrasses across the globe threatens coastal ecosystems

1268. Bart, J, 1995
Acceptance criteria for using individual-based models to make management decisions
Ecological Applications, 5(2): 411-420

1269. Hennige, S.J., D. J. Smith, S-J. Walsh, M.P. McGinley, M. E. Warner, and D. J. Suggett, 2010
Acclimation and adaptation of scleractinian coral communities along environmental gradients within an Indonesian reef system
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Volume 391, Issues 1-2, 15 August 2010, Pages 143-152

1270. Bak, R.P.M. and E.H. Meesters, 2000
Acclimatization / adaptation of coral reefs in a marginal environment.
In Moosa, M.K., S. Soemodihardjo, A. Soegiarto, K. Romimohtarto, A. Nontji, Soekarno and Suharsono (ed.). Proceedings of the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, Bali. 23-27 Oct. 2000. Vol. 1:265-272

1271. National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC), 1977
Accomplishment report of the marine parks and/or reserves development program.
National Environmental Protection Council, Manila, Philippines.

1272. Bayley, P. B., 1988
Accounting for effort when comparing tropical fisheries in lakes, river-floodplains and lagoons..
Limnol. Oceanogr. Vol.33 :963-972

1273. Halpern, B. S., H.M. Regan, H.P. Possingham and M.A. McCarthy, 2006
Accounting for uncertainty in marine reserve design.
Ecology Letters 9 (1): 2-11.

1274. Gourlay, M., 1983
Accretion and erosion of coral cays and some consequent implications for the management of Marine Parks.
p. 475-482. In J.T. Baker, R.M. Carter, P.W. Sammarco and K.P. Stark (eds.) Proceedings of the inaugural Great Barrier Reef Conference, August 29-September 2, 1983, Townsville. James Cook University Press, North Queensland, Australia.

1275. Hubbard, D.K., R.P. Burke, and I.P. Gill, 1985
Accretion in deep shelf-edge reefs, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
IN: Deep-Water Carbonates: Buildups, Turbidities, Debris Flows and Chalks-A Core Workshop. Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists Core Workshop No. 6, New Orleans, March 23-24: 491-527.

1276. Knap, A.H., J.E. Slobakken, R.E. Dodge, T.D. Sleeter, S.J. Wyers and K.H. Palmork, 1982
Accumulation and elimination of (9-14C) Phenanthrene in the reef-building coral (Diploria strigosa)
Bulletin of Environmental Contaminants and Toxicology.

1277. Fankboner, P.V., 1976
Accumulation of dissolved carbon by the solitary coral {Balanophyllia} {elegans} - an alternative nutritional pathway.
in: Coelenterate Ecology and Behaviour, edited by G.O. Mackie, Plenum Press, N.Y., pp.111-116

1278. Brainard, R., D. G. Foley, M. J. Donohue & R. Boland, 2000
Accumulation of marine debris by ocean currents threatens coral reef ecosystems of the Hawaiian Islands and elsewhere.
Presented at the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, Bali, October 23-27,2000.

1279. Hernandez-Leon, S., 1991
Accumulation of mesozooplankton in a wake area as a causative mechanism of the "island-mass effect"
Mar Bio 109:141-148

1280. St. John, J., G.R. Russ and W. Gladstone, 1990
Accuracy and bias of visual estimates of numbers, size structure and biomass of a coral reef fish.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 64:253-262.

1281. Taylor, E., 1998
Accuracy Assessment for remote sensing techniques of a Mauritian lagoon.
MSc Thesis. University of Wales, Bangor. 125p.

1282. Kronberg, I., 1987
Accuracy of species and abundance minimal areas determined by similarity area curves.
Mar. Biol. 96:555-562

1283. Wetlands International – Indonesia Programme, 2005
Aceh Rapid Assessment.
Wetlands International online document

1284. Sieh, K., 2005
Aceh–Andaman earthquake: What happened and what's next?
Nature 434, 573 - 574

1285. Baird,A.H., S. J. Campbell, A. W. Anggoro, R. L. Ardiwijaya,Nur Fadli, Y. Herdiana, T. Kartawijaya, D. Mahyiddin, A. Mukminin, S. T. Pardede, M. S. Pratchett, E. Rudi and A. M. Siregar, 2005
Acehnese Reefs in the Wake of the Asian Tsunami.
Current Biology, Vol. 15, 1926–1930

1286. Mochek, A.D. and E. Valdés-Munoz, 1983
Acerca de la conducta de los peces de las comunidades costeras en la plataforma cubana.
Ciencias Biologicas 9:87-106.

1287. Blanquet, R.S., Nevenzel, J.C. & Benson, A.A., 1979
Acetate incorporation into the lipids of the anenome {Anthopleura} {elegantissima} and its associated zooxanthellae.
Mar. Biol. 54:185-194

1288. Crossland, C.J. & Barnes, D.J., 1976
Acetylene reduction by coral skeletons.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 21:153-156

1289. Hermes, R., 1999
Acha Reef Fish Sanctuary.
Coral Reef Atlas of the Philippines Online Edition. http://msi01.cs.upd.edu.ph/philreefs/atlas/acha.html.

1290. Björklund, M.I., 1974
Achievements in marine conservation. 1. Marine Parks.
Environmental Conservation 1:205-223.

1291. Cadwallader, P., M. Ressell, D. Cameron, M. Bishop and J. Tanzer, 2000
Achieving ecologically sustainable fisheries in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
In Moosa, M.K., S. Soemodihardjo, A. Soegiarto, K. Romimohtarto, A. Nontji, Soekarno and Suharsono (ed.). Proceedings of the Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, Bali. 23-27 Oct. 2000. Vol. 2:697-704

1292. Hale, L.Z., 2000
Achieving Integration in Coastal Management: The Challenge of Linking National and Local Levels of Government.
Korea Observer. Volume 30(4). pp. 671-690.

1293. Geoghegan, T., P. McConey and Y. Renard, 2002
Achieving management effectiveness in marine protected areas: the critical role of participatory approach.
in Report of the Regional Workshop for Tropical Americas, Cancun, Mexican. June 12, 2002 - June 14, 2002. International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI). Pp. 128-135.

1294. Govan H, 2009
Achieving the potential of locally managed marine areas in the South Pacific
SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin #25: 16-25

1295. Wilkinson, C., 2000
Acknowledgements, introduction and executive summary.
In: Wilkinson, C. (ed). Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2000, Australian Institute of Marine Science. p. 349-358.

1296. Woodman, G.H., S. C. Wilson, V. Y.F. Li and R. Renneberg, 2003
Acoustic characteristics of fish bombing: potential to develop an automated blast detector.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 46: 99–106

1297. Roberts, J.M., C.J. Brown, D. Long and C.R. Bates, 2005
Acoustic mapping using a multibeam echosounder reveals cold-water coral reefs and surrounding habitats.
Coral Reefs Volume 24, Number 4: 654 - 669

1298. Friedlander, A.F. and M.E. Monaco, 2007
Acoustic tracking of reef fishes to elucidate habitat utilization patterns and residence times inside and outside marine protected areas around the island of St. John, USVI.
NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 63. Silver Spring, MD. 47pp.

1299. Runtukahu, F., Pinca, S. and Scaps, P, 2007
Acropora community composition at Siladen Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Galaxes, JCRS, 9: 23-33 (2007)

1300. Miller, M.W. (compiler), 2002
Acropora Corals in Florida: Status, Trends, Conservation, and Prospects for Recovery.
in Bruckner, A.W.(ed.). Pp. 59-70. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-OPR-24, Silver Spring, MD. 199 pp.

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