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List of coral reef related articles, reports and other publications in alphabetical order.

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List of 2777 records

951. Powell, J., 1986
A short day photoperiodic response in {Constantinea} {subulifera}.
Amer. Zool. 26:479-487

952. Sakai, K., M. Nishihira and J.I. Sony, 1989
A short term field experiment on the effect of siltation on survival and growth of transplanted Pocillopora damicornis branchlets.
Galaxea 8:143-156.

953. Vannini, M., 1985
A shrimp that speak crab-ese.
J Crust Biol, 5 (1) pp 160-167

954. Nicholls, N., 1979
A simple air-sea interaction model.
Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc. 105:93-105

955. Punt, A. E., 1993
A simple effort-based stock assessment technique.
In L. E. Beckley, R. P. van der Elst(Ed.). Fish, fishers and fisheries. Proceedings of the Second South African Marine Linefish Symposium. Oceanographic Research Institute. 73-79 p.

956. Yap. H.T., A.R.F. Montebon and R.M. Dizon, 1992
A simple energy budget for a shallow reef flat (Philippines),
p. 27-30. In: L.M. Chou and C.R. Wilkinson (eds.) Third ASEAN Science and Technology Week Conference Proceedings, Vol. 6, Marine Science, Living Coastal Resources. Nat'l Univ Singapore and Nat'l Sci Tech Board, Singapore. 471 p.

957. Walker, T.A., 1980
A simple maximum-minimum salinity sampler.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 25:1122-1123

958. Munro, J. L. , D. Pauly, 1983
A simple method for comparing the growth of fishes and invertebrates.
Fishbyte, ICLARM Vol.1(1) :5-6

959. Wulff, J.L., 2006
A simple model of growth form-dependent recovery from disease in coral reef sponges, and implications for monitoring.
Coral Reefs Volume 25, Number 3: 419 - 426.

960. Wolanski, E., 1986
A simple model of low-frequency wind-driven upwelling on a continental shelf.
J. Phys. Oceanogr. 16:1694-

961. Holland, G.J. & Nicholls N., 1985
A simple predictor of El Nino?
Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Newsletter March 1985, pp.8-9

962. Mladenov, P.V. & Powell, I., 1986
A simple underwater magnifying device for the diving biologist.
Bull. Mar. Sci. 38:558-561

963. Knoechel, R. & Campbell, C.E., 1992
A Simple, Inexpensive Device for Obtaining Vertically Integrated, Quantitative Samples of Pelagic Zooplankton
Limonology and Oceanography 37:675-680

964. Paulay, G. and L.R. McEdward, 1990
A simulation model of island reef morphology: the effects of sea level fluctuations, growth, subsidence and erosion.
Coral Reefs 9(2):51-62.

965. Lirman, D., 2003
A simulation model of the population dynamics of the branching coral Acropora palmata: Effects of storm intensity and frequency.
Ecological Modelling, Volume 161, Issue 3:167-180

966. Kinzie, R.A.III and R.H. Snider, 1978
A simulation study of coral reef survey methods,
p. 231-250. In D.R. Stoddart and R.E. Johannes (eds.) Coral reefs: research methods. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 581 p.

967. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminisration, 1994
A site characterization study for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminisration and UH Sea Grant College Program.

968. Multer, H.C., 2006
A site of both sudden and slow death of coral framework, together with survival attempts by corals.
Coral Reefs Volume 25, Number 4: 567

969. Jacobson, Dean M., 2012
A Slowly Progressing Disease Outbreak Among Massive Coral on Majuro Atoll
Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-13 July 2012

970. Tan, K.S. and W. W. Kastoro, 2004
A small collection of gastropods and bivalves from the Anambas and Natuna Islands, South China Sea.
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Supplement No. 11: 47 - 54.

971. van Soest, R.W.M., 1982
A small collection of sponges (Porifera) from Hong Kong.
Proc. of the 1st International Marine Biological Workshop: The Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China. Eds B. Morton and C.K. Tseng. Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong. 1: 431-458.

972. Almy T. and K. Almy, 1974
A snorkeler's guide to the Bay at Arnos Vale.
Etna, New Hampshire, U.S.A. (Available through the Arnos Vale Hotel).

973. Leeworthy, V.R. and P.C. Wiley, 1997
A Socioeconomic Analysis of the Recreation Activities of Monroe County Residents in the Florida Keys/Key West.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, Silver Spring, MD. 49 pp.

974. Fisher, H, 2000
A Socio-Economic Assessment of Coastal Communities of Pulau Banggi Sabah, EastMalaysia.
Master of Science Thesis, University of Minneapolis.

975. Fauzi, A. and E. A. Buchary, 2002
A Socioeconomic Perspective of Environmental Degradation at Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park, Indonesia
Coastal Management, 30: 167-181, 2002

976. Global Coral Reef Alliance, 2002
A Solution for Corals in Peril
on line publication

977. Global Coral Reef Alliance, 2002
A Solution for Corals in Peril.
Global Coral Reef Alliance, 324 Bedford Road, Chappaqua, New York 10514 USA on line document

978. Wun, C., J. Rho, R.W. Walker & W. Litsky, 1980
A solvent partitioning procedure for the separtion of chlorophylls from their degradation products.
Hydrobiologia 71:289-293.

979. Wyrtki, K., 1984
A Southward displacement of the Subtropical gyre in the South Pacific during the 1982-83 El Nino
Trop. ocean Atmos. Newsl. 23:14-15

980. Ault, J.A., J. Luo, S. G. Smith, J. E. Serafy, J. D. Wang, R. Humston and G. A. Diaz, 1999
A spatial dynamic multistock production model.
Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 56(Suppl. 1): 4–25 (1999)

981. Klein, C.J. and S.P. Orlando, Jr., 1994
A spatial framework for water-quality management in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
Bulletin of Marine Science 54: 1036-1044.

982. Maguire, L.A. and J.W. Porter, 1977
A spatial model of growth and competition strategies in coral communities.
Ecol. Modelling 3:249-271.

983. Aguilar-Perera, A. , W. Aguilar-Davila, 1996
A spawning aggregation of Nassau grouper, Epinephelus striatus (Pisces: Serranidae) in the Mexican Caribbean.
Environ. Biol. Fish. Vol.45 :351-361

984. Satapoomin, U., 2003
A speargun for the collection of small fishes for research purposes.
Ichthyol Res 50 (2): 203-206

985. Broadus, J.M., 1985
A special marine reserve for the Galapagos Islands.
Coastal Zone '85, Baltimore, MD, August 1985.

986. Krone, R., P. van Treeck, H. Schuhmacher, H. Nebel and M. Epple, 2006
A special palate structure of Ctenochaetus striatus—a hidden tool for bioerosion.
Coral Reefs Volume 25, Number 4: 645

987. Voss, K.J., 1992
A Spectral Model of the Beam Attenuation Coefficient in the Ocean and Coastal Areas
Limnology and Oceanography 37:501-509

988. Moss, B., 1967
A spectrophotometric method for the estimation of percentage degradation of chlorophylls to pheo-pigments in extracts of algae.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 12:335-340.

989. Webster, N.S., A. P. Negri, R. I. Webb and R. T. Hill, 2002
A spongin-boring α-proteobacterium is the etiological agent of disease in the Great Barrier Reef sponge Rhopaloeides odorabile
Marine Ecology Progress Series Vol. 232: 305–309

990. Barthel, K.W., 1977
A spur and groove system in Upper Jurassic coral reefs of southern Germany.
p. 201- 208 in: D.L. Taylor (ed.) Proceedings of Third International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2: Geology. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Miami, Florida.

991. C.A. Chen, K.K. Lam, Y. Nakano and W.S. Tsai, 2003
A stable association of the stress-tolerant zooxanthellae, Symbiodinium clade D, with the low-temperature-tolerant coral, Oulastrea crispata (Scleractinia: Faviidae) in subtropical non-reefal coral communities.
Zoological Studies 42(4): 540-550.

992. Bohnsack, S.T. and S.P. Bannerot, 1986
A staionary visual census technique for quantitatively assessing community structure of coral reef fishes.
NOAA Technical Report 41:1-15.

993. WATLING, R., 1992
A state of the environment report for Fiji.
National Environmental Management Project, Department of Town and Country Planning, Fiji.

994. Bohnsack, J.A. and S.P. Bannerot., 1986
A stationary visual census technique for quantitatively assessing community structure of coral reef fishes
NOAA NMFS Technical Report 41. Seattle, WA. 15 pp.

995. Warwick, R.M., K.R. Clarke and Suharsono, 1990
A statistical analysis of coral community responses to the 1982-83 El Niño in the Thousand Islands, Indonesia.
Coral Reefs 8(4):171-179.

996. Brock, R.E., 1979
A statistical study of Cypraea tigris in the Central Pacific
Veliger 22:166-170

997. Maragos, J.E. and P.F. Holthus, 1999
A status report on the coral reef of the insular tropical Pacific.
p. 47-118. In: L.G. Eldredge, J.E. Maragos, P.F. Holthus and H.F. Takeuchi (eds.). Marine and coastal biodiversity in the tropical island Pacific Refion. Volume 2. Population, development and conservation priorities. Program on Environment, East-West Cent

998. Rand, W.M., 1973
A stochastic model of the temporal aspect of breeding strategies.
J. Theoe. Biol. 40:337-351.

999. Langi, V. A. , S. Langi, 1987
A stock assessment program on the bottom fishes of the seamounts, Kingdom of Tonga: the first 9 months.
Fishbyte Vol.5 (2) :6-10

1000. Maynard, J.A., J. E. Johnson, P. A. Marshall, C. M. Eakin, G. Goby, H. Schuttenberg and C. M. Spillman, 2009
A Strategic Framework for Responding to Coral Bleaching Events in a Changing Climate

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