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Millennium Coral Reef Mapping Project

Millennium Coral Reef Mapping ProjectDuration: 1999 – present
Donor: NASA
Website: http://imars.usf.edu/corals

By using a consistent dataset of high-resolution (30 meter) multispectral Landsat 7 images acquired between 1999 and 2003, The Institute for Marine Remote Sensing at the University of South Florida has been developing the first global uniform map of shallow coral reef ecosystems. This impressive undertaking was funded by NASA, with Dr. Serge Andrefouet as the principal scientist in collaboration with various technical partners.

The project has included an unprecedented standardization of geomorphological structures for reefs around the world. The resulting data products will provide a reliable, spatially constrained data set for biogeochemical budgets, biodiversity assessment, reef structure comparisons and will also provide new high-quality information for reef managers about reef location, distribution and extent. The maps are constructed scene-by-scene, with mosaics produced for selected locations.

The full Landsat image archive as well as the resulting GIS shapefiles are available in the public domain, with ReefBase being on of the official distribution gateways. The Millennium Mapping GIS data will provide the new basemap for ReefBase’s online GIS. A major new version of ReefGIS (containing the Millennium Mapping data) is currently in development and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2007.
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