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Asia Tsunami

Asia TsunamiThe Indian Ocean tsunamis of Sunday 26 December 2004 caught many people unprepared as they struck without apparent warning on a clear day. Many local people and tourists were on the beach and some walked over coral reef flats as the water receded to investigate a hidden realm. Within minutes, a series of massive waves returned to carry them away and invade the land. The tsunamis resulted in more than 250,000 people killed or missing and caused massive destruction to coastal resources and infrastructure.

ReefBase is compiling reports from the affected areas on observed impacts to coral reefs and related environments, which are listed below. Currently there are 171 papers and reports available in ReefBase literature section regarding this phenomenon from various part of the world. See: Tsunami Page

If you have any field observations on the tsunami impacts on coral reefs, fish populations, mangroves or otherwise, please contact ReefBase or upload your report or photos via our user input page.
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