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Locally Managed Marine Area Network (LMMA)

Locally Managed Marine Area Network (LMMA)Duration: December 2004 – March 2006
Funding: The John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation
Website: http://www.lmmanetwork.org

The first objective in our collaboration with the LMMA Network was to determine the needs of LMMA members in managing and sharing their data and information resources. Next, this understanding helped to provide relevant technical assistance and training to LMMA members to and foster effective use and sharing of data and knowledge.

Established mutual understanding on LMMA database requirements and formal agreement on collaboration in the area of information management between ReefBase and LMMA during a LMMA workshop in Antipolo, Philippines (March 2005).

Established detailed specifications and requirements for contents, structure, and functionality of a LMMA Database in MS Access during a "LMMA Metadata Workshop" co-organized by LMMA and WorldFish Center in Suva, Fiji (August 2005).

Developed a MS Access database according to extensive guidelines and user requirements from LMMA partners. The database provides tools to enter summary data from LMMA surveys (both biological and socioeconomic) into a standardized database, allowing easy sharing and comparison of information among LMMA partners. In addition, once the summary data has been entered, a clearly structured, Site Report can be generated (in PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel formats) which greatly reduces the time and skills required to do so by LMMA partners. A CD-ROM containing the MS Access database application is included with this Final Report.

Provided training in the usage of the LMMA MS Access database developed by ReefBase to 13 LMMA partners (including Country Data Managers from Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji) during a "Database Training Workshop" in Bali, Indonesia (February 2006). This workshop provided hands-on practice in data entry and fostered discussion and sharing among LMMA partners about how to use survey data most effectively. The workshop benefited understanding, acceptance, and practical application of the database tool.

Developed a LMMA Network Database CD-ROM for distribution among network partners, containing the full database application as well as the full LMMA monitoring guidelines, and a copy of the MS Excel template used for entering raw data from LMMA surveys. The application also includes a Data Sharing Agreement encouraging members to specify access authority to their summary data.

Developed an interactive map showing LMMA sites in ReefGIS, ReefBase's online Geographic Information System. This map provides a visual, geographic display of LMMA sites and activities. It also features locations of other socioeconomic surveys conducted by SocMon, as well as biological monitoring from the ReefBase Monitoring database. See: http://reefgis.reefbase.org/, and select "Coral Reef Monitoring" from the map dropdown list.
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