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Sphere Search Tips
Sphere Search Tips
This interactive diagram of Spheres illustrates the interrelationships between sectors that have often been considered in isolation. The Sphere Search allows the user to locate information that falls within a certain sphere or information that relates to more than one of these spheres. The "People & Reefs in the Pacific" section provides a deeper exploration of the issues considered in each sphere and the interactions between spheres.

Here are some basic search tips and examples to guide your interactive search. Note - the sphere search can be used in combination with the simple search or the advanced search.

Selecting a sphere will restrict your search results to information that falls within that sphere. Only Publications and Projects are searchable using the Sphere Search.

Reef health and status, biology, natural resource surveys, climate and oceanographic features

Socio economic status, income generation activities

Legislations, role of government, community involvement/ co-management

Pollution, aquaculture, introduced species, climate change.

Sphere Interactions
Selecting two or more spheres will restrict your search results to that information that falls within all spheres selected.

e.g. climate change impacts on reefs, restocking/reseeding/population enhancement, habitat rehabilitation

e.g. fisheries income generation, tourism, livelihood benefits from marine protected areas

e.g. natural resource management

e.g. fisheries management
Keyword Search Tips
Simple search will search for the text you have specified within all fields of the collection. Advanced search will seach for the text in the field the text is entered. Selecting a tab below will refine your search to a particular collection.

Search with keywords such as "and", "or", "not" to fine-tune your search results.

1. coral and reefs
Search for records which contain words coral and reefs

2. coral reefs
Search for records which contain words coral and reefs. Same as the "and" function.

3. coral or reefs
Search for records which contain words coral or reefs.

4. "reefs"
Search for records which contain exact phrase "coral reefs".

5. coral not acropora
Search for records which contain words coral and not acropora.

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digital library
1 . Anon., 2002
Serua Island Report: Finfish assessment- catch data
Fiji Fisheries Division, Minis. Suva, Fiji. 5pp.

2 . Ramohia, P.C., J. Pita and N. Wheya, 2001
Report to SPREP: Leatherback turtle tagging and nest monitoring survey, Sasakolo nesting beach, Isabel province 26/11/00-21/01/01
Solomon Islands- Environment,. Honiara, Solomon Islands. 24pp.

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The progress of aquaculture development in Fiji
Fiji Fisheries Division-Minist. Suva, Fiji. 38pp.

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The fisheries bill 1998: a bill entitled an act to revise laws relating to fisheries and to make provision for the proper management and development of fisheries in the Solomon Islands

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Centre for Conservation Biolog. St. Lucia, Brisbane, Australia. 12pp.

6 . Republic of Nauru, 1997
Republic of Nauru: Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority Act- 1997

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The University of the South Pa. Suva, Fiji Islands. 93pp.

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Country report on Fiji Fisheries
13th Regional Training Course. Papua New Guinea. Fiji. Ministry of Agriculture,. 16pp.

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Leatherback turtle survey (Oct.- Nov. 1995) Sasakolo and Litoghahira, Isabel province

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Sedimentological interplay of siliciclastic Rewa river input and organic carbonate production of the Suva Barrier Reef, Laucala Bay, Fiji
University of the South Pacifi. Suva, Fiji Islands. 43pp.

12 . Stewart, B., 1993
Evidence for a marked decline of beche-de-mer populations in the Suva and Beqa areas of Fiji, and a preliminary description of a method of identifying beche-de-mer individuals based on characteristic body wrinkles
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Fiji Islands Fisheries Bibliography
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Giant clam sanctuaries in the Kingdom of Tonga
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16 . Ramohia, P.C., 1992
Hawksbill and Green turtle nest monitoring of the Arnavon Group rookery: a report of the monitoring programme carried out from June 4th-Aug.27th, 1992

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Regional Marine Turtle Conservation Programme: Progress Report: Solomon Islands, Nov. 1990 - Aug. 1991
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Some notes on the Fiji baitfishery
Fisheries Division, Ministry o. Suva, Fiji. 13pp.

19 . Illustrated by J. Pana, 1990
How to catch, keep & market ura (rock lobsters or crayfish)
Solomon Islands- Ministry of N. Honiara, Solomon Islands. 18pp.

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A preliminary economic assessment of aquaculture development in the Federated States of Micronesia and Fiji
South Pacific Aquaculture Deve. Suva, Fiji. 22pp.

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Marine turtles of Isabel province: a report of a survey of nesting beaches from the 7th-21st Nov. 1989
Solomon Islands- Fisheries Div. Honiara, Solomon Islands. 14pp.

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Marine tenure and resource development in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands: traditional knowledge, use and management of marine resources, with implications for contemporary development
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Malaita Province: Fisheries statistical system: Instructions for conducting fisheries surveys
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25 . Chapman, M.D., 1987
The forgotten people: the fisherwomen of Oceania [Draft copy]
Department of Geography, Unive. St. Lucia, Queensland, Austral. 32pp.

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