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Coral Reef MPAs of East Asia and Micronesia


Coral Reef MPAs Map

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Coral Reef MPAs DVD
Coral Reef MPAs DVD
The "Coral Reef MPAs of East Asia and Micronesia" project is a collaborative effort between The WorldFish Center (ReefBase Project) and Japan Wildlife Research Center (JWRC), and funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, as part of the Japan-Palau ICRI secretariat Plan of Action for 2005 -2007.

The WorldFish Center and JWRC are both non-profit organizations, and we are undertaking this project for non-commercial free distribution within the East Asian and Micronesian regions.

The objectives of this project are:
  • To update existing MPA information that is currently on MPA Global, including updating MPA boundary information.
  • To capture additional specific information on MPAs with Coral Reefs.
  • To produce a stand-alone DVD with MPA information and GIS maps for free distribution.
  • To produce a dedicated website for the "MPAs of East Asia and Micronesia" with MPA information and GIS maps.
The MPA information for East Asia and Micronesia was obtained from MPA Global / UNEP-WCMC. The MPA data were reviewed and updated according to input from partners in the region. All updated and additional information will be feedback to MPA Global / UNEP-WCMC.
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