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Status - Reef Fish

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List of 4 records


1. Status Reef Fish: Micronesia, American Samoa. ...
The coral reef fish fauna in American Samoa is quite diverse with 890 species; approximately twice the number that occur on Hawaiian and Caribbean reefs, but half the number found on the more diverse reefs of Indonesia and northern Australia. The sma...

2. Status Reef Fish: Micronesia, American Samoa. ...
Territory-wide fish surveys document that there are few large fish left on the reefs around the five main islands, a strong indication that populations have been overfished (26317Craig and Green, 20041). Figure 11.18USReef_2005_Figure_224.gif2 shows ...

3. Status Reef Fish: Micronesia, American Samoa. ...
Status of Coral Reef Fish Populations: Fishery-Independent Ecological Surveys and Monitoring Quantitative assessment of coral reef fishes began in American Samoa as early as 1977 when 27974Wass (1982)1 conducted a study on the community structure o...

4. Status Reef Fish: Micronesia, American Samoa. ...
PIFSC-CRED Fishery-Independent Fish Monitoring Quantitative assessment and monitoring of shallow reef fish assemblages was conducted throughout American Samoa in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 by PIFSC-CRED; data from 2008 is not analyzed here but will ...

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