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Management - Gaps

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List of 3 records


1. Management Gaps: Australia and Papua New Guinea, Australia. ...
Australia’s largest reef area, the Great Barrier Reef is the subject of several monitoring programmes, notably the AIMS Long-term Monitoring Program (crown-of-thorns starfish, benthic organisms and reef fishes) and the Long-term water quality monitor...

2. Management Gaps: Micronesia, American Samoa. ...
American Samoa needs coral reef habitat mapping. NOAA habitat mapping activities are planned to begin in 2002. Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary supported a multibeam mapping effort in 2001 that resulted in maps for the sanctuary and Pago Pago H...

3. Management Gaps: Micronesia, American Samoa. ...
Funding. A common management problem on small Pacific Islands is how to best balance the limited funding opportunities. Because a department’s professional staffing may be small, it is often necessary to hire personnel through coral reef grant progra...

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