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1 . Tanzania     Tanzania
Like Kenya, the coral reefs of Tanzania support major artisanal fisheries and coastal tourism attracted to the high biological diversity and beauty. These reefs also reduce beach erosion and serve as habitat, nursery, feeding and spawning grounds for many commercial and non-commercial species. Thus they constitute the basis of food security and incomes for many coastal people.
Source: Muthiga, N., A. Costa, H. Motta, C. Muhando, R. Mwaipopo and M. Schleyer , 2008 , Status of the Coral Reefs in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa: 2008 . In: Wilkinson, C. (ed.). Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2008. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and Reef and Rainforest Research Center, Townsville, Australia. p91-104 (See Document)

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