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1 . Pitcairn Islands     Pitcairn Islands
The Pitcairn Islands are a group of four small islands situated between latitudes 23° and 26° South and longitudes 124° and 131° West in the South Pacific, about 2,000 km southeast of Tahiti and 1,900 km west of Easter Island. The group comprises Pitcairn Island (25°04'S, 130°06'W) and three uninhabited islands: Oeno (120 km northwest of Pitcairn), Henderson (200 km east-northeast of Pitcairn) and Ducie (472 km east of Pitcairn). Pitcairn itself is a high volcanic island of 450 ha with lava cliffs and rugged hills rising to a peak at 335 m. Henderson, the largest island in the group with an area of 3,700 ha, is a raised limestone atoll which rises to 33 m. Oeno (65 ha) and Ducie (70 ha) are both low coral atolls with maximum elevations of about 4 metres.
Source: Brooke, M., I. Hepburn and J.R. Setterfield. , 1992 , Pitcairn Islands. . International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Global Wetland Initiative, Directory of Wetlands in Oceania http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/wetlands/WetlandDir.asp, Pitcairn Island. (See Document)

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