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1 . Cambodia     Cambodia
Cambodia has only a relatively short coastline facing the Gulf of Thailand, though there are several small islands in the adjacent waters. There is very little material available describing the coral reefs off this coastline, but there are known to be coral communities on the mainland coast and some fringing reef structures around the islands. Some 70 hard corals have been recorded at the Koh Tang island group and in a few places coral cover is reported to reach over 50 percent. On the mainland diversity is much lower, and communities are dominated by massive and encrusting corals. Bleaching was reported at a number of localities in 1998, but recovery is thought to have been fairly good.
Source: Spalding, M.D., C. Ravilious and E.P. Green , 2001 , World Atlas of Coral Reefs . Prepared at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. University of California Press,Berkeley,USA.421p. (See Document)

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