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1 . Grenada     Grenada
Grenada is the most southerly of the Lesser Antilles, and the country also governs the southernmost islands of the Grenadines. There are some fringing and patch reefs around all the coasts of Grenada itself, although the total area of reef is not great. Off the eastern coasts of Carriacou and Petit Martinique relatively large bank barrier reefs have been formed. Many of the shallow reefs were reported to have become overgrown with algae during the 1980s, probably linked to the Diadema die-off, but possibly exacerbated by sewage and agrochemical pollution and increased sedimentation.
Source: Spalding, M.D., C. Ravilious and E.P. Green , 2001 , World Atlas of Coral Reefs . Prepared at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. University of California Press,Berkeley,USA.421p. (See Document)

2 . Grenada     Grenada
Most of the data from Grenada have been collected from the 1980s on reefs on the southwest coast close to Grand Anse and St. George’s; the ‘tourist belt’. However, not all these data are available. Tourism is a major contributor to the economy and continues to grow rapidly with increasing infrastructure development. Reefs on the south-west side are heavily used by locals and visitors with more than 80% of all recreational diving occurring there.
Source: Bouchon, C., P. Portillo, Y. Bouchon-Navaro, M. Loius, P. Hoetjes, K. De Meyer, D. Macrae, H. Armstrong, V. Datadin, S. Harding, J. Mallela, R. Parkinson, J-W. Van Bochove, D. Lirman, J, Herlan, A. Baker, L. Collado and S.C. Isaac. , 2008 , Status of Coral Reef Resources of the Lesser Antilles: The French West Indies, The Netherlands Antilles, Anguilla, Antigua, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago . In: Wilkinson, C. (ed.). Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2008. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and Reef and Rainforest Research Center, Townsville, Australia. p265-280. (See Document)

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