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1 . United Arab Emirates     United Arab Emirates
The nearshore waters of the western parts of the United Arab Emirates are shallow, with relatively low water circulation, and some of the highest salinities in the Gulf. Although there are seagrasses, these waters are unsuitable for coral growth. Further offshore there are patch reefs and fringing reefs around many of the islands. Diversity is low in all areas and many coral communities are dominated by large monospecific stands. Mortality associated with coral bleaching events has been considerable, with over 98 percent loss of Acropora in 1996 on reefs near Abu Dhabi, and loss of most of the remaining colonies during the 1998 bleaching event.
Source: Spalding, M.D., C. Ravilious and E.P. Green , 2001 , World Atlas of Coral Reefs . Prepared at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. University of California Press,Berkeley,USA.421p. (See Document)

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