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Sudanese waters contain among the highest diversity of fishes and corals in the Red Sea, with reports of more than 200 species of scleractinian corals. Reef Check surveys in 1999 at Abu Hanish Jetty, Bashear Port and Arous to determine coral cover and assess reef health, built upon more detailed surveys in 1997 using 10m quadrat analysis and 20-minute timed swims of the coastal area from Port Sudan to Suakin. Over 80% of the coastal fringing reefs had high cover of thin turf algae (averaging 28.8%), with live coral cover ranging from 5 to 60%. Recently dead coral above 1% was noted at only 5 sites. Live hard coral cover at Abu Hashish Jetty ranged from 24% at 10m depth to 50% at 5m, while dead coral ranged from 2.5% at 10m depth to 0% at 5m. At Bashaer Oil Exporting Port, there was 38% live coral and 21% dead coral. Dead corals covered 51% of the substrate at Arous and no bleaching was observed below 4m. There were bleached corals on top of the fringing reef at 2m, with 14% cover of bleached corals.
Source: Wilkinson, C.R. (Ed) , 2000 , Status of coral reefs of the world: 2000. . Australian Institue of Marine Science, Cape Ferguson, Queensland, 363 p. (See Document)

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