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1 . Paracel Islands     Paracel Islands
In late 2002, Reef Check surveys of an exposed reef 5m deep and 100m off the north of Blackgarden showed 15% live coral cover, 4% macroalgal cover, 46% rock and low numbers of key fish species and black spined sea urchin. Coral cover is considered to be comparatively high for the island.
Source: Hoetjes, P., A. L. Kong, R. Juman, A. Miller, M. Miller, K. De Meyer and A. Smith , 2002 , Status of Coral Reefs in the Eastern Caribbean: The OECS, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and the Netherlands Antilles. . In: C.R. Wilkinson (ed.), Status of coral reefs of the world:2002. GCRMN Report, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville. Chapter 17, pp 325-342 (See Document)

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