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The Lihou Reef Nature Reserve is 700 km due east of Cairns and includes 18 coral cays covering 91 ha dotted around Lihou Reef, a U-shaped line of reefs facing west-south-west and enclosing a lagoon. No new surveys have been conducted at Lihou Reef since the previous Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004, when coral cover in 1984 and 2004 was low (<10%) with many corals bleaching due to elevated sea surface temperatures at the time of the 2004 survey. There was also evidence of bleaching from the 2002 bleaching event.
Source: Chin, A., H. Sweatman, S. Forbes, H. Perks, R. Walker, G. Jones, D. Williamson, R. Evans, F. Hartley,S. Armstrong, H. Malcolm, G. Edgar , 2008 , Status of the Coral Reefs in Australia and Papua New Guinea: 2008 . In: Wilkinson, C. (ed.). Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2008. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and Reef and Rainforest Research Center, Townsville, Australia. p159-176 (See Document)

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