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1 . Antigua and Barbuda     Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda, together with the tiny uninhabited island of Redonda, are an independent Caribbean nation.

Coral reefs are relatively widespread in the coastal waters. Antigua has some fringing reefs, but also more extensive, though intermittent, bank barrier reef structures offshore. Barbuda has extensive fringing reefs, particularly along its eastern coastline, topped by a well developed algal ridge.

The reefs, particularly in nearshore areas, are reported to have been degraded in recent years, possibly due to increasing sedimentation and nutrient enrichment associated with coastal development. Offshore reefs and those to the north of Barbuda generally have higher coral cover and species richness. Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn caused further damage when they struck the islands in 1995.
Source: Spalding, M.D., C. Ravilious and E.P. Green , 2001 , World Atlas of Coral Reefs . Prepared at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. University of California Press,Berkeley,USA.421p. (See Document)

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