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In October 2006, the American Samoa Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG) released an economic valuation of American Samoa’s coral reef resources, prepared by Jacobs, Inc. in association with MRAG Americas, the National Institution of Water and Atmospheric Research, and Professor N. Polunin.

As of 2004, the coral reefs of American Samoa provide benefits on the order of $5.1 million/year, and the territory’s mangroves add an additional $0.75 million/year. Together, these critical natural resources account for 1.2% of the American Samoa GDP. A few of the most important benefits provided by coral reefs include: $689,000/year benefit due to coral
reef fisheries; $73,000/year benefit resulting from recreational uses; $70,000/year benefit deriving from bottom fishing; $447,000/year benefit relating to shoreline protection provided by the reefs. These are just some of the benefits, economic and otherwise, American Samoa stands to lose without continued efforts to increase our understanding of and protect these fragile ecosystems. In addition to the above, a gain of $2,753,000/year in direct benefits could be realized through the complete and effective implementation of proposed mitigation and enhancement measures, as well as management initiatives such as strengthening fisheries regulations and controlling coastal development.
Source: D. Fenner, M. Speicher, S. Gulick, G. Aeby. S.C. Aletto, P. Anderson, B. Carroll, E. DiDonato, G. DiDonato, V. Farmer, D. Fenner, J, Gove, S. Gulick, P. Houk, E. Lundblad, M. Nadon, F. Riolo, M. Sabater, R. Schroeder, E. Smith, M. Speicher, C. Tuitele, A. Tagarino, S. Vaitautolu, E. caoli, B. Vargas-Angel, P. Vroom, p. Brown, E. Buchan, A. Hall, J. Helyer, S. Heron, J. Kenyon, R. Oram, B. Richards, K.S. Saili, T. Work and B. Zgliczynski , 2008 , The State of Coral Reef Ecosystems of American Samoa. pp. 307-351 . In: J.E. Waddell and A.M. Clarke (eds.), The State of Coral Reef Ecosystems of the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States: 2008. NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 73. NOAA/NCCOS Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment's Biogeography Team. Silver Spring, MD. 569 pp. (See Document)

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