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Craig et al. (2000) suggested that American Samoa’s oceanic waters demonstrate excellent quality, and there are no indications that oceanic water quality has since changed. Furthermore, the water quality problems that emerged in Pago Pago Harbor during the 1970-80s have greatly improved, based on chl a, TN, and TP levels (Figure 11.9).

However, the picture is less clear in other coastal areas of the Territory, as there are very few data from the near coastal regions of American Samoa. This will soon be remedied, as the National Park of American Samoa and ASEPA recently finished a collaborative, comprehensive coastal water quality survey around Tutuila and the Manu’a Islands. This survey used a probabilistic design to sample the waters from the coastline to onequarter mile offshore. This study will provide the first Territory-wide data on water quality in the near coastal areas.
Source: Craig, P., G. DiDonato, D. Fenner, and C. Hawkins , 2005 , The State of Coral Reef Ecosystems of American Samoa. . p.312-337 in Waddell, J. (ed.), 2005. The State of Coral Reef Ecosystems of the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States: 2005. NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 11. NOAA/NCCOS Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment’s Biogeography Team. Silver Spring, MD. 522 pp. (See Document)

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