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GEF Lessons Learned
Knowledgebase for Lessons Learned and Good Practices in the Management of Coral Reefs

Relevant Toolkits

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1. Coral Disease Handbook: Guidelines for Assessment, Monitoring and Management

2. Best Practices Guide for Crown-of-Thorns Clean-ups:

3. Reef Manager’s Guide to Coral Bleaching

4. TNC R2 Reef Resilience Toolkit

5. Ecosystem-based Management Tools Network

6. GCRMN Monitoring Manuals and Status Reports

7. WRI Reefs at Risk

8. Locally Managed Marine Area Network

9. CHAMP (NOAA Coral Health and Monitoring Program)

10. CORIS (NOAA Coral Reef Information System)

11. SHARK (Sharing Reef Knowledge) Network

12. MPA Manager’s Toolkit for the Western Indian Ocean

13. Coral Reef Protected Areas: A Guide for Management

14. Measuring Coral Reef Ecosystem Health – Integrating Societal Dimensions

15. Reef Check Web Reef Advisory System

16. Methods for Ecological Monitoring of Coral Reefs

17. Scaling Up Marine Management: the Role of MPAs

18. Governance of Natural Resources in the Philippines

19. Biodiversity Planning for Palau’s Protected Area Network

20. Going Green Environmental Toolkit

21. EBM in Marine Capture Fisheries

22. Reef Restoration Concepts and Guidelines

23. Mexican Caribbean Green Guide

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